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Ingrid W, Purple Chaser
I'm with you
Thu Jun 15, 2017 08:46

Skill or society… Ingrid weighed up the teams for about half a second before opting firmly for the former. Sonora was a weird enough not-so-strict zone at the best of times, and Quidditch was a renegade space within that, so she was pretty sure most people weren’t judging her as a Muggle-lover for teaming up with John and Ginger. The society people on the other team were such little kids that she was never going to realistically hang out with them, so she thought it would do very little for her social standing to be on an informal team with them one time. Besides which, she was used to being the baby. It was a feeling that was lessening, as she moved through the school, and as she now had players who were junior to her on the Pecari team, but it was a well ingrained feeling. Even though one of them didn’t play, and she’d rather have beaten the other one soundly than joined forces with him, it was sort of nice to have a substitute-Jemima and substitute-Theodore around her. He wasn’t actually totally awful, when he was working with her instead of exercising the advantages of being older…

Even though they were younger, the society boys got the Quaffle at the start, and seemed to have some advantage born of playing together previously, as they made short work of getting it up the pitch - something that was helped by Ben sending a Bludger towards her (one that she nearly forgot to duck because it was Ben, and he was supposed to be her ally).

She was ready in position after their failed goal, and tried to give Ginger a look that both said ‘good on you,’ and ‘sorry, won’t happen again,’ mostly communicated by serious eyebrows and a curt nod, as she caught the ball and set off, aiming to put as much distance between her and the goals as possible. She chanced giving it a bit extra time that she might have otherwise, on the grounds that she was pretty sure she knew Ben’s tactics. Not that that was necessarily a great advantage - she was pretty sure he was going to be aiming a heavy metal ball at her, as anyone else would be - and she threw in some swerves to try to mess with his aim. She’d covered over a third of the distance before she looked for a purple player and passed.

  • I was already all together.Ginger, Purple Keeper, Wed Jun 14 10:45
    Ginger saw them coming, a pair of Chasers in green shirts. Second years, she thought. First one had the Quaffle, then the other. Both from Crotalus unless she was very much mistaken, which meant they ... more
    • I'm with you — Ingrid W, Purple Chaser, Thu Jun 15 08:46
      • The things you do for loveJozua, Green Keeper, Thu Jun 15 11:14
        Jozua had joined Quidditch for the sole reason that Lily liked it and he thought that maybe she'd like him more if he played, too. Unfortunately, due to shortage of numbers, he'd been unable to... more
        • Don't get me started. Sammy M, purple beater , Thu Jun 15 15:28
          As one might imagine, Sammy Meeks was not fond of the cancellation of Quidditch. Sports Club was nice, but there just wasn’t enough for her to do without the formal league. She was grateful, at... more
          • Can you best an accidental marriage proposal?Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Thu Jun 15 19:47
            Ben felt a frisson of worry when Ingrid didn't run from his bludger as fast as he thought she should have, but she did manage to dodge clear and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He'd been playing... more
            • I'd rather not, really.Simon M, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 16 13:59
              Simon was disappointed when Miss Pierce saved the Quaffle, but not entirely surprised. It had not been the best shot he’d ever taken and he was not exactly the most talented shot in the entire school ... more
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