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Jozua, Green Keeper
The things you do for love
Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:14

Jozua had joined Quidditch for the sole reason that Lily liked it and he thought that maybe she'd like him more if he played, too. Unfortunately, due to shortage of numbers, he'd been unable to continue bench-warming this year. (And he had played far too often for his own taste even before that.)

In theory then, the cancellation of the remainder of the Quidditch Season should have been a reprieve for him, an opportunity to quietly bow out without it reflecting on his status of A Guy Who Plays Quidditch.

Unfortunately this was not actually the case. In fact, this was probably the only chance Lily and he would have to play on the same team. So playing with Teppenpaw's team but not with Lily seemed kind of counter productive to his whole reason for playing in the first place which was to have something more in common to do together.

So here he was. At the pick up game. He'd left his beater gloves up in his room, hoping to avoid that position this time. Seeker was quickly claimed by two younger girls and he glanced over at Lily to see what she wanted to do now.

Her teammate Ingrid had already chosen purple but Ginger was there, too, which meant Jozua would not be playing Keeper on that team today either. "Green?" he suggested hopefully because as bad as he was a beater, Chaser was far worse. "But if you want to play with Ingrid, you can," he offered self-sacrificingly. "We can maybe get on the same team next time. But I can't play Chaser."

Then he trotted off to claim Green Keeper before someone else did and he'd have no other option but to play Chaser.

Fortunately, as the game started, the green chasers took the ball far away from him.

But then Ginger made her save and Ingrid started bringing it back in his direction. Not good. His hands began to sweat. His heart began to pound. His legs began to twitch.

Oh, Merlin, why was he doing this again? He hated the pressure of team sports.

Oh, right. Because he was an idiot and a sucker for peer pressure, that was why.

"C'mon," he muttered under his breath, "c'mon Greens, turn it around. Give me a boring game."

  • I'm with you Ingrid W, Purple Chaser, Thu Jun 15 08:46
    Skill or society… Ingrid weighed up the teams for about half a second before opting firmly for the former. Sonora was a weird enough not-so-strict zone at the best of times, and Quidditch was a... more
    • The things you do for love — Jozua, Green Keeper, Thu Jun 15 11:14
      • Don't get me started. Sammy M, purple beater , Thu Jun 15 15:28
        As one might imagine, Sammy Meeks was not fond of the cancellation of Quidditch. Sports Club was nice, but there just wasn’t enough for her to do without the formal league. She was grateful, at... more
        • Can you best an accidental marriage proposal?Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Thu Jun 15 19:47
          Ben felt a frisson of worry when Ingrid didn't run from his bludger as fast as he thought she should have, but she did manage to dodge clear and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He'd been playing... more
          • I'd rather not, really.Simon M, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 16 13:59
            Simon was disappointed when Miss Pierce saved the Quaffle, but not entirely surprised. It had not been the best shot he’d ever taken and he was not exactly the most talented shot in the entire school ... more
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