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Amelia L, Purple Seeker
I don't know what their problems are, either.
Thu Jun 15, 2017 15:28

Amelia flinched when she began hearing a lot of really loud cracks of bat on Bludger, but not so much that she broke off from her search for the Snitch. John was not the most approachable person she’d ever met, she had always wondered how someone as nice and cheerful as Clark had ended up with him as an apparent best friend, but she did trust him to have her back.

…For the most part. Hearing him shout did make her look over her shoulder, and then processing what she heard of what he’d said made her frown in confusion. What in the world was he carrying on about, and why was he shouting it at the other Beater? The guy definitely wasn’t an Aladren, much less on the Quidditch team, so why would John have taught him anything?

Oh, well. At least she wasn’t currently falling down toward the ground with a broken arm. Looking over her shoulder had also brought the other Seeker, the little Teppenpaw girl who had won the last proper game before midterm, into her line of sight, so Amelia smiled and waved to her. She was glad to see another Beginner girl out here, for one thing – made her feel less like people were going to think she was completely out of place on the Pitch – and for another…well, she certainly didn’t mean it that way, but if it messed with the other girl’s head, that was very possibly a good thing for Amelia.

  • Me, probably.Eden M, Green Seeker, Thu Jun 15 00:15
    Eden had not had a particularly athletic upbringing. She’d been on a broom a handful of times, mostly at the beckoning of her older sister, who had more affection for physical activity and had a... more
    • I don't know what their problems are, either. — Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Thu Jun 15 15:28
      • Either way, it's been interesting. Eden M, Green Seeker, Sat Jun 17 01:39
        Eden kept Amelia in her sights most of the time, breaking her pursuit only when she was looking around for the Snitch. To her surprise, the older girl seemed…. well, friendly, offering a wave and a... more
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