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Ben Pierce, Green Beater
Can you best an accidental marriage proposal?
Thu Jun 15, 2017 19:47

Ben felt a frisson of worry when Ingrid didn't run from his bludger as fast as he thought she should have, but she did manage to dodge clear and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He'd been playing with her long enough, first as a fellow chaser, then as her protector beater, that he would have felt really bad if he'd actually hurt her. He hadn't been trying to actually maim her, after all, just make her leave the kids alone long enough so they could complete their pass. Which they did, and then carried on toward Ginger.

She pulled off a save - Ben mentally tagged Simon with an Error for that fumble - and passed it to Ingrid. Ben flew after her, and after a little while remembered again that she wasn't actually his teammate this game and he should be trying to stop this run toward the Green Keeper.

He looked around for that bludger he'd sent off toward her earlier, and found Sammy had gotten hold of it. He grimaced a bit, not really relishing going up against his own Beating mentor and assistant captain, but she was taking aim on Simon and he really ought to do something about that . . .

Sammy's bat cracked against the bludger and flew toward the second year. Ben pushed for a burst of speed to intercept and wasn't sure he was going to make it in time. He flailed desperately with his bat, glancing it against the bludger as it passed, just a bit too far out of reach for a solid hit. The brush was not nearly enough to gain control or even break its course toward Simon. What it did do was steal some small portion of its momentum and shift the trajectory enough that he thought the boy could probably take a hit without serious injury and worst, and improve the kid's chance of evasion at best. "Watch it, Simon!" he yelled, to make sure the Crotalus was aware of the impending attack.

Ben flew after it, to capture it once it took its first swoop at the kid, but it was definitely going to reach Simon first at this point. He just hoped he'd done enough to minimize the damage.

  • Don't get me started. Sammy M, purple beater , Thu Jun 15 15:28
    As one might imagine, Sammy Meeks was not fond of the cancellation of Quidditch. Sports Club was nice, but there just wasn’t enough for her to do without the formal league. She was grateful, at... more
    • Can you best an accidental marriage proposal? — Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Thu Jun 15 19:47
      • I'd rather not, really.Simon M, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 16 13:59
        Simon was disappointed when Miss Pierce saved the Quaffle, but not entirely surprised. It had not been the best shot he’d ever taken and he was not exactly the most talented shot in the entire school ... more
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