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Simon M, Green Chaser
I'd rather not, really.
Fri Jun 16, 2017 13:59

Simon was disappointed when Miss Pierce saved the Quaffle, but not entirely surprised. It had not been the best shot he’d ever taken and he was not exactly the most talented shot in the entire school anyway. Hopefully he, or one of the other Green Chasers, would have better luck next time.

For now, though, they just had to worry about getting the Quaffle back. Unfortunately, that did not look like it was going to be easy. Miss Wolseithcrafte had the ball now, and Miss Wolseithcrafte was, he was fairly sure he’d have to admit if pressed, a significantly better player than he was and probably than Winston was. They had the advantage of being used to working together, but she had the advantage of being more experienced and very likely significantly more daring than Simon, at least, was.

She also had the advantage of having Miss Meeks as a Beater on her team. Simon heard the crack of a bat on a Bludger, but it took a moment to process the fact that it was heading toward him. His heart rate picked up, but he had Beaters, too, so he had learned not to panic when this happened….

Watch it, Simon!

…Though the Beater himself sounding a bit perturbed really did not help him retain that bit of knowledge.

Simon glanced in yet another Pierce’s direction, saw why he was being shouted at, and, with a not-quite-dignified noise that an unbiased observer might have called a yelp, he broke off from the pursuit of Ingrid and dove, hoping to avoid the Bludger. He felt it sail just past his back and dove faster, the ground rushing at him altogether too fast, knowing it was probably going to turn on him unless its momentum was so great that it didn’t have a choice but to keep going. That wasn’t a chance he wanted to take, so he flew like a madman and cursed the Pierces who weren’t Winston and hoped the Beater one shaped up and got rid of it before it caught up with him.

  • Can you best an accidental marriage proposal?Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Thu Jun 15 19:47
    Ben felt a frisson of worry when Ingrid didn't run from his bludger as fast as he thought she should have, but she did manage to dodge clear and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He'd been playing... more
    • I'd rather not, really. — Simon M, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 16 13:59
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