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Eden M, Green Seeker
Either way, it's been interesting.
Sat Jun 17, 2017 01:39

Eden kept Amelia in her sights most of the time, breaking her pursuit only when she was looking around for the Snitch. To her surprise, the older girl seemed…. well, friendly, offering a wave and a smile. They were on different teams and from different Houses, so Eden didn’t really expect much outright niceness from her, but maybe Amelia was just not a naturally competitive person. Still, waving to the opponent like this was a gesture the first year only really would have expected from one of her Housemates, although, she noted idly, Amelia was from the same House as Sally and Arnold both were. She wasn’t sure what to make of that.

In any case, Eden found herself returning the gesture, smiling and waving back, though her wave was brief as she was nervous to fly without her hands on the broomstick for too long. The only time one usually came off was if she was reaching for the Snitch, which already happened more frequently than she really expected.

And speaking of, was that…? Could it be…? Her blue eyes caught a glimpse of… no, it was impossible. The Snitch? Of course not. The first game had been luck, just a fluke. There was no way luck would strike that way again. The Snitch was so small, and the field was so big, so there was absolutely no way she had seen it.

But just in case, Eden broke off from Amelia and followed in the direction she thought she had seen the little golden blur go. For a little while, the chase felt hopeless, but eventually, she saw that little shimmer again. She sped up, her new broom specializing in acceleration, getting her closer and closer to what was now definitely the Snitch. Despite feeling a little unnerved by the speed, Eden released the broom with one hand, extending it forward instead. Her fingertips brushed the Snitch once or twice before, eventually, she managed to get her palm against it. The Teppenpaw snapped her fingers shut around it and, just like that, realized that somehow, she had done it again. She had caught the Snitch.

  • I don't know what their problems are, either.Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Thu Jun 15 15:28
    Amelia flinched when she began hearing a lot of really loud cracks of bat on Bludger, but not so much that she broke off from her search for the Snitch. John was not the most approachable person... more
    • Either way, it's been interesting. — Eden M, Green Seeker, Sat Jun 17 01:39
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