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Grayson Wright, Referee Extraordinaire
Quidditch Scrimmage II!
Sat Jul 1, 2017 20:16

To say that Grayson Wright had played Quidditch for several years was not to make a false statement. It was just as completely correct and factual to state that he had not been a member of the worst team ever to represent Aladren House. Gray’s cousin wouldn’t, he was nearly certain, still be so fond of ‘her Seeker’ if said Seeker hadn’t won the game a few times. No-one, however, could ever honestly claim that Gray had been a good Quidditch player, not unless that person was delusional, under the influence of memory charms, or comparing him to a team comprised entirely of four-year-olds.

He did, however, still remember the rules, and this was apparently all that was really needed to referee a scrimmage game. Or at least was when Isis Carter, one of the most impressive women in the world, was the person this job would customarily, in the absence of the proper coach, fall to. As she’d been running half the school single-handed before Gray and Daniel wandered in, his schedule was still more open than hers, and so here he was, hoping there weren’t going to be any fistfights over positions or team organizations on the informal, first-come first-serve teams forming as their special t-shirts turned either purple or green.

“If anyone’s a Beater who isn’t usually a Beater, I’ve got some bats,” said Gray once the rosters seemed largely settled. “And broomsticks already out for anyone who wants to borrow one.”

Once he was reasonably sure everyone had the necessary equipment, he began a short speech, his head ringing at the sound of his own magically amplified voice. “Welcome, everyone, to the second Quidditch scrimmage!” he said. “On this end - “ he pointed - “we have the Purple Team, and on this end is the Green Team. Everyone play fair and have fun. If players will get on their brooms now, I’ll release the Snitch.”

He did so, letting it fly away. It was not raining (yet), but the sky was grey enough that he expected it to make the Seekers’ job a touch more difficult than it was by default. This made him really, really hope the Seekers knew something of their business, as otherwise they might be here for a really long time. At least it wasn’t hot enough that he had to worry too much about anyone fainting, he thought. He also had his wand, just in case the demands of the job involved patching someone up quickly, keeping someone from falling to someone’s death, or the need to Summon and/or repair his glasses without being able to even see where said glasses were clearly if he got too close to a violently thrown Quaffle or the mildest imaginable Bludger. Gray’s coordination had improved somewhat since the last time he’d flown on this Pitch, but his vision very much had not. He straightened his glasses absent-mindedly as he looked between the teams. “And - take off,” he said, throwing the Quaffle as high in the air as possible.

OOC: As last time, the first person to post in a position on a team (for instance, Gray Wright, Purple Seeker) has a claim on that position for the game, though swapping out during the game may occur if more than fourteen people want in. Also like last time, please use the color codes for your House with your scrimmage team name and position (for instance, Amelia Layne, Green Chaser) to make scoring easier. If you have any questions, you can post on the OOC board or catch me (as Amelia Layne) or Professor Carter (the original developer of the system, usually in chat as Makenzie Newell) in Chatzy. Stick to all site and Quidditch rules and have fun!

    • Seeking a new kind of victoryWinston Pierce,Green Seeker, Thu Jul 6 19:35
      Winston liked this winning thing. He hadn't lost a Quidditch game yet. Crotalus took the championship game in his first year and, while they hadn't managed a team this year, Winston and Simon had... more
      • I win!Winston, Green Seeker, Mon Jul 17 19:43
        He had gotten through the game so far with no bludgers slamming into him, so he was willing to grant that the green beater protecting him was demonstrably good at his position, because, quite... more
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