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Winston Pierce,Green Seeker
Seeking a new kind of victory
Thu Jul 6, 2017 19:35

Winston liked this winning thing. He hadn't lost a Quidditch game yet. Crotalus took the championship game in his first year and, while they hadn't managed a team this year, Winston and Simon had both played on the winning green team in the last scrimmage so it was almost like winning for their House again as they'd been the only two Crotali playing.

For today's game, though, he thought he might try to mix things up a bit. Last time the seekers had both been from the beginner class, so he thought maybe he could throw his hat into the ring. He arrived early as the positions were first come first serve and Seeker would go fast. "Green Seeker!" he laid dibs as soon as he saw he'd arrived before Eden Manger. Nobody else had it either and his shirt turned green.

He maintained the decorum appropriate to his social class and refrained from doing a happy jig of elation at getting to play seeker like his father used to in his school days. If he won this, he thought he'd have an excellent shot at taking over the Crotalus Seeker position from Alistair once he graduated and House Teams were restored.

He shrugged an apology at Simon when he saw his roommate, hoping the other Crotalus wouldn't hold it against him for not sticking with him in the Chaser trenches.

He was all but vibrating with anticipation by the time Substitute Coach Wright blew the whistle to start the game. He launched into the air, heading up above the altitude of the goals, figuring that would keep him out of the way of most everyone else and let him focus on looking for the snitch.

It was a little strange, playing in a game at Sonora and not going after the Quaffle but he'd only been at Sonora less than two years. From the time he could fly a broom until he was eleven, and over the summers, he was all alone in the Mt. Pierce sky. It was far easier to play Seeker solo than it was to play Chaser without anyone else there, so that was what he did whenever he flew at home.

He put everything else out of his mind: the Quaffle, the Chasers, the spectators, even the Beaters and bludgers (he was going to try trusting his protector until they proved incompetent). He was back home, trying to find his own snitch.

Only this time, he had competition.

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    • Seeking a new kind of victory — Winston Pierce,Green Seeker, Thu Jul 6 19:35
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