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Winston, Green Seeker
I win!
Mon Jul 17, 2017 19:43

He had gotten through the game so far with no bludgers slamming into him, so he was willing to grant that the green beater protecting him was demonstrably good at his position, because, quite frankly, Winston had been leaving most of that up to the other student and focusing on his own task of searching for the snitch. There had been one or two instances where it got dicey enough that he'd been forced into evasive maneuvers, but mostly he'd just sought a glimpse of gold.

Winston had caught a few unsubstantiated flashes, here and there, but they were always gone before he got close enough to tell for sure. If any of those sightings had been the snitch, though, the other Seeker hadn't got to them either, so he wasn't beating himself up too much over losing them again. He just pushed on and kept looking.

There! he'd seen another flash, not unlike the others, but this time he was a bit closer to start with. He tried to fly casual like toward it, without tipping off his adversary that he'd seen anything of interest. He might not have. It had just been a glint of sunlight, really. It could be the snitch, or it could just be somebody's jewelry. No, there it was again. That couldn't be jewelry, there wasn't anybody else out that way.

Winston picked up speed, and he was probably telegraphing now, but he was also feeling pretty sure this was it. He wasn't fooling around anymore, he was going for it. Full out dive, one hand extended.

He could hear the crowd and it urged him on, feeding off their excitement. This was everything he'd every imagined back in the woods of New Hampshire. Better even. His fingers closed around the snitch and the game was his!

Winston Pierce, winning seeker!

He held the snitch up over his head in victory and he was grinning so hard his face hurt. There was nothing in the world that could be better than this moment.

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    • I win! — Winston, Green Seeker, Mon Jul 17 19:43
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