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Professor Wright
Welcome to first year flying lessons.
Fri Sep 8, 2017 10:58

The first year class was quite small, but also quite interesting. The names alone brought to mind the sort of things Gray had written when he was a student here – forms he now usually thought of as implausible, a theory these children challenged. There were two Brockerts, two Russian first names, two French last names, two students who were not (he had gathered, anyway, from their first Charms lesson) entirely comfortable with English, and four rich girls. Of course, one of those rich girls was a Brockert, which was to be expected in most years, and Jasmine was Daniel’s niece, but the Russian girl’s appearance suggested financial parity with her peers and kept his numbers all multiples of two, which pleased him even as he considered it a bit weird.

None of that was particularly relevant, however, as he looked them over before their first flying lesson and hoped against hope he wasn’t going to have to do verbal battle just to get the girls on brooms or try to tactfully-yet-clearly explain to Tatiana or Ruby, who seemed the…sparkliest…of the girls, that wearing things that could fly off their persons and take out someone’s eye was not appropriate for flying class.

“Hello everyone,” he said cheerfully to the students, hiding these reservations. “No, you’re not in the wrong place – I cover your Charms and your flying lessons, too. If anyone’s forgotten, I’m still Professor Wright.” Gray knew he had been sufficiently inattentive in a few of his first days at Sonora that a few teachers’ names had slipped his mind the second or third times he’d seen them, so he didn’t think it hurt to remind them who he was now that they were in a second class altogether, one without the additional distraction of second years.

“This class will probably be the easiest you will take at Sonora,” he informed them. “By the end of the year, I need each of you to fly from one end of this Pitch to the other at a medium speed. That’s all you have to do for top marks. Do it slowly and you’ll still pass. If you all master that before the end of the year, then we all just get to enjoy flying around and taking the exercise for the remainder of these classes and you still get good marks at the end. Sound good?”

He didn’t really wait for an answer. “First lesson is making sure you can all get on and grip a broom correctly,” he informed them. “If you don’t have a broom with you, get one off that pile and let’s get started.”

He led them all through the initial exercises – putting the broom on the ground, putting their hands out over the broom, and saying ‘Up.’ This was not a skill they were ever likely to use outside of this class, as controlling whether a broom was hovering or inanimate was something most people did instinctually after a year of lessons or less, but it was a standard part of the curriculum and Gray, who had never intended to be a teacher, was very fond of sticking to the standards so he could defend what he did easily if questioned on it. Once everyone had the brooms in the air, he demonstrated how to get on one, then went along the line to check everyone’s grip. Then came the part of the lesson he had been dreading.

“To get into the air,” he informed them all, “you bend your knees a bit and use your feet to push yourself into the air. Do this – gently, so you don’t go too fast right away. If you aren’t experienced with flying, then hover after that. If you are, then you can start flying together, but no diving or speeding, please – we don’t want any accidents with the less experienced fliers. Everyone ready? One-two-three – kick off.”

OOC: Welcome to flying lessons! All site rules apply – posts should be at least 200 words long, no controlling other players’ characters, and use good spelling and grammar (except, of course, in dialogue if perfect grammar isn’t realistic or in character for your character). You may fall from your brooms, but remember that Professor Wright would magically catch you before you hit the ground and suffered horrible injuries if your fall is from high in the air. Tag him if you need him and have fun!

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