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Parker Fitzgerald - Pecari
Brooms like apples
Sun Sep 10, 2017 21:33

Parker came out to what looked like a big soccer field with the rest of the first years. He hadn't really talked to any of the other guys yet, which was a bit odd to him, but maybe if he joined the Quidditch he'd meet some other guys. To do that though, he had to learn how to fly.

Even thinking that made Parker shake his head in disbelief. Flying. Not in a plane, but on a broom. Parker had a brief thought that this might fairly dangerous. What if they fell to the ground? Then he realized that surely this was something someone had been thought of and planned for. Besides, he had fallen out of trees before without magic and survived.

As the professor from Charms, a class that seemed a bit boring to him, stood in front of them all, Parker pulled an apple out of his robes.He had taken from the table this morning. He had made a promise that first day, and was not going to let the opportunity go. Plus, it seemed like it might be entertaining to have.

Professor Right...right Parker thought. He tried to create an association with his professors names so he could remember them. So far he had walking Professor X, Professor Right, Professor Oh My O'Malley, and Professor "Welcome Back" Carter.

Remembering the student names was a bit easier because he could just ask a few times. Teachers, though, always assumed that you would remember their names and everything else after one or two times of saying it.

Parker followed other students over the pile of brooms. These didn't look like brooms he'd used before, but cartoon witch brooms with sticks at the end. They didn't look like they'd do well for cleaning. Parker picked one up at random and walked to the field.

Parker liked Professor Right's comment about this being the easiest class. A class that was outdoors, and from the description seemed easy enough in theory was good for Parker.

Parker had learned from experience though that everything worked in theory. Magic seemed to throw a bunch of stuff into the mix that turned theories on their head, so maybe it wouldn't be as easy.

Parker put his hand not holding an apple over the broom like instructed and said, "UP". The broom twitched a bit but otherwise didn't move.

Parker looked around to see if he had done it correctly. It appeared so, so he tried again. Again just a brief twitch on the ground.

Parker stood and looked down at his broom. It looked a little worse for wear sure, but seemed to still be broom-esq. Parker scrunched up his face trying to figure out what he was doing wrong and then looked at his right hand.

Worth a shot.

Parker put his left hand over the broom and in his right hand he held out the apple, like he had before with horses.

"Up", he said, in a voice similar to one he would have used with animals back home. Suddenly the broom rose to his hand with ease.
Now for the mounting. Parker looked at the broom and climbed on it like a bicycle. The robes making it a bit difficult to do so.
Like I said, just like a bicycle.

As he sat there, he put the apple back in his robe for a bit to hold on with both hands, so his teacher wouldn't get angry at him. Once his teacher walked by though, Parker took the apple back out in his right hand, holding on with his left.

With Professor Right saying kick off, Parker pushed down a bit on his broom and jumped up. The broom ridding with him. He looked around in amazement. His feet hung two or so feet off the ground and he sat on the broom.

Apparently all those cut outs and cartoons from Halloween activities as a kid were real. This was a real thing!

He looked at the person next to him and held out his apple. "Apparently brooms like apples," Parker said while trying to make sure he stayed steady on top of the broom. "Also, it's similar to riding a bike... just higher."

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