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Captain Ginger Pierce
Not your ordinary Teppenpaw Try-Outs
Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:17

Three names. Ginger had only three names. Herself. Joe. Eden. This was not looking promising. She had little doubt that she could get Nat on board again, if she could track the fifth year down. She'd always been a stalwart and integral part of the team. Ginger just hoped it was mere oversight and not upset over not getting Assistant Captain that her name wasn't already on the list.

Jozua was a pretty sure thing, too, but he seemed to like to show up for tryouts rather than sign up. If she remember right, he had never signed up first. Maybe he just didn't ever look at the bulletin board. Besides, he was Joe's friend, so she didn't doubt he'd be here.

But even with Nat and Jozua, that still left Teppenpaw two names short of a full roster. They'd had Alex Leifson last year, too, and Ginger could only hope she was still around and interested. Of the new Teppenpaws, though, two were Brockerts, who weren't exactly well known for their interest in sports, but maybe the third one would turn up? He was probably their best shot for getting a second beater and a full team.

She stood in the middle of the pitch, clutching her three-name list, and hoped for walk-ons. She beamed as she got the first one, and her hope buoyed that she might get more.

When two minutes passed beyond when she said they would start, and nobody else could be seen walking this way, she guessed she'd gotten as many as she was going to for today. She pasted on a bright smile and enthused, "Congratulations! You're all on the team! Okay, everyone not on my list, give me your names and what positions you'd prefer. I can't promise everyone gets what they want," she added with a regretful smile in Jozua's direction. She guessed he was probably going to ask to not play beater again and that just wasn't going to work out.

"Okay," she said, once she wrote down the new members of the team. "If any of you know anyone else who wants to play, be sure to send them my way so I can fill in these last slots. In the meantime, let's start with some flying! Three laps everyone! Go!" And she hopped on her own broom and took off, needing the practice just as much as anyone after a summer spent surrounded by muggles most of the time.

"All right," she said once everyone finished their warm up laps, "until we have a full team, we're going to forgo standard drills and practice routines, and just remember that it's fun to fly, and practice getting our brooms to go fast and turn accurately, and so," she reached out and slapped her nearest teammate on the arm and called out gaily, "You're it!"

And grinning and laughing, she flew away from her chosen victim as quickly as she could.

OOC Note: Jozua is mine as well, so I'm not god-modding by saying he's here.

    • Luckily, we're all extraordinary people. Right, guys?Assistant Captain Joe Umland, Thu Sep 14 19:46
      The beginning of Quidditch try-outs was one of those moments when Joe really, really wished he still had one of his siblings at school with him in this instance, preferably Julian, as she had also... more
      • Why do I keep doing this to myself?Jozua Sparks, Sun Sep 17 18:00
        He had watched the sign-up sheet. The number of names was few enough, that he didn't feel like he'd be letting down the House if he didn't show up this year. It didn't look like they'd be making a... more
        • Not trying outGeorgia Kirkly, Tue Sep 19 23:54
          There was no way she was trying out for Quidditch. The only things in its favour were that, over the summer, she had discovered that she could hit decently hard - a fact which opened up the... more
          • That's what Jozua said too...Captain Ginger, Thu Sep 21 09:26
            She had flown sufficiently far away from Jozua that he had chosen a different target to chase down. She looked about to see how everyone else was doing, and noticed the had a new arrival. Hoping that ... more
            • He seems real happy with how that went...Georgia, Thu Sep 21 22:46
              Were you interested in trying out for the Teppenpaw team? No scorn. No emphasis on the you that implied it was a ridiculous idea. Ginger actually just seemed genuinely hopeful about the idea. Im... more
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