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Capt. Jack Spencer
Aladren try-outs: walk-ons highly encouraged!
Fri Sep 15, 2017 15:28

Whilst getting ready for the day, Jack felt an anxiety attack coming on. The attacks had decreased considerably over the past year and a half, but taking on this new position was terrifying. He looked at himself in the mirror, attempting to ignore the familiar feelings of sweaty palms, cold sweat and his racing heart, and took deep breaths. “You’ll be fine, Jack. If Adam could do it, you can do it. You wouldn’t have been placed here if the professors didn’t think you capable.” He took another deep breath and crouched down, embracing his shins and placing his head between his knees for a moment. He closed his eyes and focused on normalising his breathing until he felt calmer. He took another moment before standing up again and straightening his robes. “You’re all right, Spencer. Make Umland proud.”

Jack grabbed the roster from his desk as well as his broom and made his way to the pitch, unsure if he felt excited or sick with anxiety. He was sincerely hoping for walk-ons, else they wouldn’t be able to fill the roster this year. He really did not want his last year at Sonora to be without a proper Quidditch team. Aladren had always been strong in Quidditch and he did not want that to change under his captaincy.

He had done his best to introduce himself as Prefect and Captain to the first years and encourage first, second and third years to join try-outs. He hoped it was enough. It was more than unfortunate that their first year class was so small this year.

“Welcome to try-outs, everyone, gather around. I’m Jack Spencer, your Captain this year—” this he said with pride in his voice, “—and this is Louis Valois, my Assistant Captain. If you’ve got any questions about the team or positions, please ask us. I’ve got the roster here, but if you’re a walk-on please raise your hand, introduce yourself and tell us which position you’d like to try out for.”

Once introductions had finished, Jack cleared his throat. “All right, listen up everyone. Let’s begin with stretches, then we’re going to make laps ’round the pitch: two on foot and three on the broom. It’s important to stay in shape off the broom as well as on. Afterwards, Louis will work with the Chasers and Keepers, I’ll be supervising the Beaters and Seekers,” he looked over at Amelia, “will practise on their own with the Snitch.” Jack was glad for the consistency of Louis and Layne—he doubted he was going to move her from her current position unless a prodigy of a first year arrived.

After the warm-up exercises had finished, Jack released the Snitch for Layne and other potential Seekers and took the Beaters to a separate end of the pitch. “All right, I’ve got two dummies here that will be flying around. Your job is to protect your dummy and hit the opposing one as they fly about. After that exercise, you’re going to hit the bludgers back and forth with each other—I want to see how quick your reflexes are, so don’t make it easy. As a Beater, you want to be able to both protect your team-mates and distract the other team. When you’re ready.”

Jack set the spell on the two dummies, and they both rose up and began flying around aimlessly. It wasn’t overly realistic, these dummies and their flying patterns, but it was quick and unpredictable enough to make it a bit of a challenge to follow them.

OOC: Welcome to try-outs! All site-posting rules apply. Keep your characters and their abilities realistic. Note the position the character wants somewhere in your post and, if you have any questions, tag me on the OOC board. Have fun with it!

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