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Jozua Sparks
Why do I keep doing this to myself?
Sun Sep 17, 2017 18:00

He had watched the sign-up sheet. The number of names was few enough, that he didn't feel like he'd be letting down the House if he didn't show up this year. It didn't look like they'd be making a full team even with him. But somehow, it came to be try-out day, and Jozua somehow found himself on the pitch at the appointed hour. Habit, maybe. Masochism, possibly. A weird sense of honorable obligation from being on the team this long, most probably. Anyhow, he was here.

"Jozua," he said when the walk-ons were told to introduce themselves. Ginger had already given him her I'm-really-sorry look, so he didn't see much point in saying he didn't want to be beater again. Eden was already signed up for Seeker, and Ginger was keeping Keeper, so that left Chaser and Beater and of those two, Beater really was the lesser of the two evils. Besides, Joe had signed up for it this year, too, sort of, so maybe it wouldn't be completely terrible. "Whatever you need me for," he breathed out in an unenthusiastic tone. He didn't feel the need to specify that he didn't want to be Chaser. His total ineptitude ought to keep him out of that position safely enough. If he was bad at batting, he was even worse at throwing. Next year he could probably snag Keeper, and that would be better, really. The amount of damage he could do to the team from in front of the goals was limited. He just needed to get through one more year as a Beater.

He did the laps, and that went pretty well. He was a fourth year now, solidly middle tier, and after the fire this summer, he'd replaced his street broom with a Quidditch one, and it was a rather nicer model than the school ones he had been using up until this point. It was a bit overkill for flying out to the supermarket, but that did give him the chance to get used to its handling and squeeze in some practice between his summer lessons.

He was sort of zoning out as Ginger talked about drills and stuff, figuring he knew most of them by now, so he was taken aback a bit when she shoved him in the arm. Yelling "You're it!" though did clue him into their current activity, and he pushed off the the ground in pursuit of another Teppenpaw.

Quidditch, Jozua could readily admit, he sucked at. Broom tag, however, was the bread of butter of an Aladren, Oregon childhood. It was a bit different on fast Quidditch brooms rather than kiddie brooms, but the idea was the same.

He picked out one target and chased them down, using a combination of high speeds and cornering maneuvers, until he could reach out and . . . "Tag! You're it!"

He dove to put distance between the new It and himself and hoped somebody would prove to be a more tempting target.

  • Luckily, we're all extraordinary people. Right, guys?Assistant Captain Joe Umland, Thu Sep 14 19:46
    The beginning of Quidditch try-outs was one of those moments when Joe really, really wished he still had one of his siblings at school with him in this instance, preferably Julian, as she had also... more
    • Why do I keep doing this to myself? — Jozua Sparks, Sun Sep 17 18:00
      • Not trying outGeorgia Kirkly, Tue Sep 19 23:54
        There was no way she was trying out for Quidditch. The only things in its favour were that, over the summer, she had discovered that she could hit decently hard - a fact which opened up the... more
        • That's what Jozua said too...Captain Ginger, Thu Sep 21 09:26
          She had flown sufficiently far away from Jozua that he had chosen a different target to chase down. She looked about to see how everyone else was doing, and noticed the had a new arrival. Hoping that ... more
          • He seems real happy with how that went...Georgia, Thu Sep 21 22:46
            Were you interested in trying out for the Teppenpaw team? No scorn. No emphasis on the you that implied it was a ridiculous idea. Ginger actually just seemed genuinely hopeful about the idea. Im... more
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