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Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Pecari tryouts (walk ons welcome)
Tue Sep 19, 2017 23:29

“Ok, everyone, welcome to Pecari tryouts,” Ingrid called to the assembled group. “I’m Ingrid, the assistant captain,” she explained, pretty much purely for the benefit of Parker, seeing as everyone in second year or up would know that already, and she’d already met Tatiana. “Sammy is sick, so I’m going to be starting tryouts, but hopefully she’ll join us soon.” Start of term germs had got to Sammy. She was sure it was nothing that the medic couldn’t fix up pretty fast, but they had agreed that Ingrid should at least get everyone warmed up and started, in case there was a line to see the nurse, or she was in a particularly difficult mood and decided that Sammy wasn’t fit to immediately run around outside.

“If you’re new to Quidditch,” she added, again for Parker, but without wishing to single him out, “We have four positions on a team. Three Chasers pass a red ball called the Quaffle,” she held it up, “to try to score goals in the big hoops at the end. Those are blocked by a Keeper. Two beaters use bats and heavy balls called Bludgers,” she opened their case but did not release them, “to try to unseat or injure other players. It’s ok though. At school level you won’t get badly hurt, and the medic can patch you up real quick,” she reassured. Apparently in the Muggle world, broken bones took weeks to heal - a level of tedium which she could not imagine. “And finally the Seeker. They look for a tiny gold ball called the Snitch,” she held it up, “Catching the Snitch ends the game and earns the team an extra 150 points. Any questions?” she asked, dealing with any that there were before moving on.

“First up, if you don’t have a broom of your own, you can borrow one of these,” she pointed to a pile on the ground. As the first years had had flying lessons already, they might well have noticed that these were better than the average school broom. The pile, in fact, consisted of brooms that she and her siblings had outgrown or simply upgraded. “It’ll be yours to use for the remainder of the term, and you should keep it with your things, rather than entrusting it to the school broom shed,” she added.

“Today, we’re going to go through a few exercises for each position. I know not everyone here wants to play every position, but they’re all good exercises for your flying, hand eye co-ordination and everything like that. Plus, whilst it’s only me, I can’t watch multiple groups at once, and we don’t want anyone sitting around letting their muscles get cold after warm up.

“First off, we’re going to do some stretches and exercises. Then we’ll fly three laps. It’s not a race. It’s just to get everyone feeling comfortable on their brooms, especially if it’s one they haven’t used before. We’ll then form a line in the air. We will pass the Quaffle,” she held up the red ball again, “down the line to test throwing and catching skills. I might give you instructions as you go, like getting in close, or aiming over the person next to you to the next one down the line. The person at the end of the line will block the goal. We’ll keep rotating so that a different person is at the end every three passes.

“We’ll do some dives and agility practise for Seekers. When Sammy’s here, those of you who are more serious about the position can do timed trials finding a Snitch with one of us. Hopefully Sammy will join us before then, and she can run the Beater exercises with you, as she’ll be better than me at those.”

With that, she began them on a few simple warm ups, before taking to their air and flying laps before getting into formation for the Chaser part of the trial.

OOC - welcome to Pecari Quidditch try outs. Even if you didn’t sign up, you are welcome to join. Ingrid has been pestering people, so if you have a character who needed that little extra nudge of encouragement, you can assume she gave it to them! Quidditch writing is graded out of character based on how well you write, not how well you claim your character does, so please keep them realistic and in line with their abilities and experience. Your post can cover as much or as little of the tryout exercises as you like. Just remember, don’t write for others (e.g. if writing a pass, you can talk about how your character made it ‘he threw it strongly, but a little wide, which meant the next person would have to be quick to catch it’ but not whether it succeeded or failed - that’s up to the person catching it).

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