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Georgia Kirkly
Not trying out
Tue Sep 19, 2017 23:54

There was no way she was trying out for Quidditch. The only things in its favour were that, over the summer, she had discovered that she could hit decently hard - a fact which opened up the possibility that she could play, which was one she hadn’t even entertained up until that point - and that it might, maybe be a chance to make the friends she was sorely lacking. She definitely planned on joining choir. Her dad had said that, next concert, he wanted to see her somewhere other than manning a stall, and had encouraged her to do that. But she wasn’t sure choir was great friend territory, as it seemed to be mostly Pureblood girls and she was actually kind of nervous about going to their first meeting. The trouble was, she long associated sport with being made fun of and being picked last. No one wanted the chubby girl on their team, and the added ridiculousness of how she imagined someone her size looked perched on a little twiglet of a broomstick only added to her resolve not to go. Except… the Teppenpaw team didn’t seem like that. They were all nice people. They were also desperate for players. That made her feel kind of bad for them… If not many people joined choir, then they had a small choir. If not many people joined Quidditch, the people who liked Quidditch didn’t get to play at all, and that kind of sucked.

The day of tryouts dawned, and Georgia had to admit she was curious. She was still afraid of being laughed off the pitch for even trying, and was not quite ready yet to put herself out there. But she wondered what the tryouts were like… And the practises. Maybe she could go see, and then she’d know whether it was ridiculous to think about joining. If they were all doing push ups in the mud, she was out. She made her way down to the pitch, peering out of the changing room door. No one was in the mud. She had to take a step or two out to actually see them. They were zooming about. She couldn’t give much more of a specific name to their activity than that. She was just sure she couldn’t fly anywhere near that fast. She was about to slink away, when someone spotted her…

  • Why do I keep doing this to myself?Jozua Sparks, Sun Sep 17 18:00
    He had watched the sign-up sheet. The number of names was few enough, that he didn't feel like he'd be letting down the House if he didn't show up this year. It didn't look like they'd be making a... more
    • Not trying out — Georgia Kirkly, Tue Sep 19 23:54
      • That's what Jozua said too...Captain Ginger, Thu Sep 21 09:26
        She had flown sufficiently far away from Jozua that he had chosen a different target to chase down. She looked about to see how everyone else was doing, and noticed the had a new arrival. Hoping that ... more
        • He seems real happy with how that went...Georgia, Thu Sep 21 22:46
          Were you interested in trying out for the Teppenpaw team? No scorn. No emphasis on the ‘you’ that implied it was a ridiculous idea. Ginger actually just seemed genuinely hopeful about the idea. “I’m... more
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