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Captain Ginger
That's what Jozua said too...
Thu Sep 21, 2017 09:26

She had flown sufficiently far away from Jozua that he had chosen a different target to chase down. She looked about to see how everyone else was doing, and noticed the had a new arrival. Hoping that maybe they were one body closer to making a full team, she flew down to greet the potential recruit.

"Hi!" she greeted the girl cheerfully. She was one of the intermediates, Ginger guessed, since she knew she wasn't an advanced student and she looked too old to still be a beginner. She'd seen her around Teppenpaw, so she wasn't a spy, but Ginger wasn't entirely sure of what her name might be. Which meant the reverse was likely true as well. "I'm Ginger, the captain. Were you interested in joining the Teppenpaw team? Right now we're just playing broom tag to make up for not flying much over the summer. Want to play with us? There's some school brooms over there," she pointed to the pile she had picked out from the broom closet earlier, selecting out the ones that looked to be in the best condition.

"No pressure," she added, because recruits from the upper years were rare and she didn't want to scare the girl off by sounding too desperate for players. "You can just play tag with us today, see how you like flying with us before making any commitments." But it didn't take a genius to read the underlying hope in her voice that Georgia might decide to stick around and add her name to the team roster.

  • Not trying outGeorgia Kirkly, Tue Sep 19 23:54
    There was no way she was trying out for Quidditch. The only things in its favour were that, over the summer, she had discovered that she could hit decently hard - a fact which opened up the... more
    • That's what Jozua said too... — Captain Ginger, Thu Sep 21 09:26
      • He seems real happy with how that went...Georgia, Thu Sep 21 22:46
        Were you interested in trying out for the Teppenpaw team? No scorn. No emphasis on the you that implied it was a ridiculous idea. Ginger actually just seemed genuinely hopeful about the idea. Im... more
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