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Parker Fitzgerald
Flying can be problem
Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:24

Parker made his way to the pitch full of nervous excitement. He was looking forward to playing any sport, and this seemed to be the one that interested those in the wizarding world the most. Similar to baseball or football back home.

A girl who wasn't Sammy started talking and for a brief second Parker thought he might be in the wrong place even though she did say these were Pecari tryouts. As he calmed down he heard her talk about Quidditch. He wasn't sure if everyone else already knew this information, but he didn't really care as it was a good refresher from what he'd been told already.

Chasers seem like forwards and strikers in soccer. The Keeper the goalie. Except the used their arms instead of feet. So maybe like football? Parker thought, using associations to try to remember the new information.

Bludgers sounded fairly brutal to Parker though. He scrunched up his face trying to imagine what it would be like to be hit by a bat or ball. He'd broken and bruised his fair share of body parts but it still sounded painful. Still football had a lot of people trying to attack other players, and he had enjoyed playing that.

When Ingrid called for questions Parker raised his hand.
"What positions on the team are already filled?" he asked. He didn't want to try for a position that someone already filled.

Thinking through the positions it seemed that he might not be strong enough to be a Bludger at the moment, and seeker would probably need to be good on a broom, which was probably not his fortay.

So Chaser or Keeper. As long as I can stay up on the broom.

When Ingrid mentioned the brooms Parker turned to them with a smile on his face. He saw that they were nicer than the one he had been practicing with, not as many bent sticks at the end. When she said he could keep it for the whole term he couldn't believe it.

Once Ingrid was done talking he went up to her quickly. "Thank you for the brooms," is all he said before he went and looked through them.

He found one that had the name Cleansweep on it and picked it up. As a lover of baseball Parker thought it was a good sign as a clean sweep of a team would probably be good thing in any sport.

After following the warmups, Parker did some stretches he remembered from baseball since it seemed they were going to be throwing things as well.

Ok. Next step get it up and then... you know, fly. Parker thought, still amazed by this.

Parker put his hand over the broom and said, "Up" like he had before during practice. Nothing happened.

No apple. Parker thought and sighed. Wait, what if I imagined I had one.

Parker closed his eyes and imagined an apple in his right hand and held out his left hand and opened his eyes to say up. When he looked towards the broom he found it was already hovering. Parker was so surprised by this development that he stepped back from the broom briefly before getting on the broom.

His cleansweep seemed more comfortable than the school broom from the flying class.

Parker began to make his way slowly around the pitch at first as he had not actually flown before.

He imagined he was on a bicycle that wanted an apple holding one hand out as if coaxing the broom with an apple. Leaning a bit to one side, then another to see how it turned. It moved with great ease.

After one lap Parker wanted to see if he could go faster than a snail pace and leaned forward thinking of images of motorcycles going fast.

Suddenly the broom took off and for a moment Parker was afraid he was going to crash into someone or something, but he leaned slightly to the side and the broom moved with him. He continued the lap, feeling the exhilaration of both not crashing and getting hurt, and simply of going fast. He wasn't sure if he had ever gone this fast by himself on something, but it felt amazing.

As he went into the third lap he remembered Ingrid's comment about it not being a race and tried to slow down. He pulled up on the broom, but that only made him go higher not slower. After leveling out, he tried to sit up in his seat. Though the broom moved slower, it was not much slower, and did nothing for the height. Parker closed his eyes and imagined in his head pulling reigns on a horse.

When he opened his eyes he found that not only was he slower, but he was stopped completely. He was still high in the air though and had no idea how to get down.

He looked around him and asked to someone who was flying below him, trying to sound calm, "How do you go lower? I'm kind of new to this."

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