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Problems can be overcome
Wed Sep 27, 2017 00:20

“We’re mostly looking for Chasers and a Keeper,” Ingrid explained, when Parker asked about the positions available. “However, we’re not against switching things around if someone has a real talent for a particular position,” or, she added mentally, is just plain terrible and needs to be kept out of harm’s way as much as possible. “Plus, we know, for example, that one of our Beaters will be graduating at the end of the year, so if there’s a position that really interests you, but it’s not currently available, it’s bound to be one day, and you may as well get a head start on training for it now. Any particular ambitions?” she asked him.

“You’re welcome,” she nodded, when he was appreciative of the better-than-school brooms.

As they took to the skies, she did her first lap fast, before realising that she was catching up on Parker and about to lap him. She didn’t think that seemed great for morale or safety, so she hung back, keeping an eye on his as he completed his other two laps with varying degrees of speed and confidence. It was lucky she did so, as Parker then called a question out.

“You have to angle the broom downwards,” she explained. “It helps to lean your weight forward which means you’ll probably jump forward or start moving a bit faster before you start going down. To level out or go up, pull upwards - broadly speaking, your body posture helps speed, whilst the angle you point the broom gives direction - so sitting up leads to stopping, but pulling up will take you higher. Let’s try that together, and maybe do a five-minute flying lesson before we send you in to join everyone else?” she suggested. She had her wand in her sleeve, and she drew it now, just in case. “We’ll pull up again way before we’re close to the ground, but I’ll have this just in case, so I won’t let you crash. Or at least, I can make it soft if you do,” she explained.

“Ok, let’s go…” she suggested, leaning her weight forward so that the broom began to accelerate but also pushing the nose downwards. Once they’d gone a couple of metres in what was hopefully a shallow and controlled descent and not a wild dive, she called “And up,” reversing the movement and bringing her broom back up, keeping an eye that Parker was doing the same and not hurtling towards his doom, ready to cast a softening spell on the ground if he looked like he needed it.

OOC - Whilst normally you are not allowed to write for other characters, there’s an exception when a character says “If X happened, then they would do Y.” If you then have X happen, you’re allowed to assume that they Yed. So, in this case, if Parker does lose control and crash onto the field, you can assume Ingrid has cast the spell and he gets a soft landing. You are, however, not obliged to crash just because she’s ready for it.

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