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Overcoming through mimicry
Wed Sep 27, 2017 04:12

Parker listened to her and nodded.

Everything she said made sense, especially if you began to treat the broom like a multi-directional bike that you didn't have to peddle. When she suggested a five-minute flying lesson before joining everyone else, Parker smiled sheepishly and looked the other way.

“That apparent that I’ve never flown before?” he asked a little bummed and kind of scrunching up his lips. “We’ve not had many flying lessons yet, and my parents use airplanes, not brooms.”

“But,” he added on quickly so as to not be knocked off the team before he started “I’m game to practice as much as needed to play! And for whichever spot you need me in.”

Though preferably one not on a bench Parker thought to himself.

He’d gladly sit bench though if it meant he’d get better at this flying thing. And Ingrid seemed at least willing to explain to him how to do it, instead of his current haphazard way of figuring it all out.

He slowly followed her lead down, and though he was sure he wouldn't fall, it was nice to know it would probably be soft if he did.

It seemed to work surprisingly well. After a surprisingly controlled decent that he imagined during game play he’d have to be a lot faster at, Parker then followed her up when she said up, and replicating Ingrid''s movements as best as he could.

Ok. He was getting the hang of the up and down. The forward part as well, especially the forward at speed part. He had a question though, and was unsure if they had time to practice with this being try outs and all. As he bobbed up and down briefly he thought about it, and decided to ask and practice later.

“Ms. Assistant Captain,” Parker started, not wanting to be too informal, but also not knowing her last name, “in game play, I imagine a quick stop or moving backwards might be necessary. I am getting the hang of up and down, as well as forward, but how can one stop suddenly or move backwards? I won’t try them today, I just want to know for future practice.”

He added the last part, trying to show Ingrid that he was trying to respect the fact that this wasn’t a second flying class, but actual tryouts for a team that he was not yet on.

  • Problems can be overcomeIngrid, Wed Sep 27 00:20
    “We’re mostly looking for Chasers and a Keeper,” Ingrid explained, when Parker asked about the positions available. “However, we’re not against switching things around if someone has a real talent... more
    • Overcoming through mimicry — Parker, Wed Sep 27 04:12
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