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Ruby Brockert,Teppenpaw
I'm more concerned about them liking Rubies.
Sat Sep 30, 2017 20:15

Ruby was generally a positive person who tried to see the best in everything, but when it came to flying lessons, she was a good deal less enthusiastic than usual. For one thing, she'd had to take off her earrings, as she'd made the mistake of wearing a dangly set of green garnets accented by alexandrites. They were beautiful and sparkly and at least somewhat matched her robes. Then there was her-well technically Emerald's-bracelet of emeralds set in silver. Her necklace was a green garnet with diamond accents. At least Ruby had her lovely hand embroidered purse to keep them in while flying.

And then, with nobody to do her hair, the Teppenpaw had had to put it in a boring ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. At least she had a sparkly green barrette with green ribbons that had star shaped charms at the end of them for it though so that was be pretty and Ruby had curled her ponytail.

She listened politely as Professor Wright began to speak. The first year wouldn't dream of not paying attention. It would be so rude.Everyone deserved to have people listen when they talked. Plus, she felt rather bad for him. As the granddaughter of the Headmaster, Ruby was privvy to things she might not otherwise know. The school had had a Quidditch Coach hired but she seemed to have gone on a very extended break. Then they'd hired a specific substitute for the position but that didn't work out either. And Professor Carter was rather busy. Or had been. Now it seemed Professor Nash was doing all the DADA lessons and Professor Wright was doing Charms which had been the places they'd been lacking in staff. Why Professor Carter was not doing Flying Lessons, Ruby was unsure, other than perhaps Professor Wright being the newest professor and thus the low man on the totem pole. After all, she certainly wouldn't want to have to fill in for the Quidditch Coach position if she were a professor.

In fact, Ruby would honestly rather not be there as student either. While Father had started teaching Jasper how to fly, she and her sisters were not interested. Emerald thought sport was boring, Topaz thought it was beneath her-thankfully, because if she'd been interested in playing Quidditch, she would have made an absolutely merciless beater whose house team would likely be glad to have her, someone could end up really hurt and that would be just awful! Amethyst, though she was still deemed too young to get on a broom, was every bit as girly as Ruby was. As for Sapphire, she seemed to....go completely blank at times. Emerald thought it was her way of blocking out some Topaz-related trauma.

Anyway, because of this tendency, Father didn't think it was a good idea for Sapphire to get on a broom. Ruby wondered how that was going to work when the seven year old got to Sonora and had to take this class. Asthma didn't qualify one from a medical exemption from flying lessons so she wondered what would.

Ruby, though, was perfectly healthy and didn't have any medical conditions. So it was a moot point.

Try to find a silver lining and don't forget to smile! The first year reminded herself. Luckily Professor Wright provided her with one by telling them what exactly they would have to do to pass his class. It didn't sound too hard. Not really.

Oddly enough, Ruby actually had a broom of her own. Well, actually it was her father's old one from when he was younger, the same one Emerald had used for her flying lesson. Topaz and, if she were capable of taking the class, Sapphire would likely use the same one. Jasper would probably get his own though and Amethyst might borrow that one.

She laid it on the ground and placed her hand over it. The Teppenpaw tried to think of the positive aspects of flying, which basically amounted to wanting to pass this class and not look stupid in front of her classmates. "Up!" Ruby commanded it. It took a few tries but eventually the broom flew up into her hand.

Next she successfully mounted the broom the way she was shown. She had just gotten into the air when the boy next to her spoke. She looked at him confused, as if he were speaking Portuguese or something. "What? They do? And what's a bike?"

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