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Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus
Let's get this show in the air!
Mon Oct 9, 2017 01:47

This was weird. And a little frustrating. They were only one player short. It was so close, but they still had to join forces and have a mixed team. Although, on the plus side, the Crotali players all came from strong family backgrounds, which meant they were good flyers and good players. Parker was trying really hard, and he was definitely improving, but it was always a challenge with people who didn’t know how to fly, and it was hard to imagine someone like Parker being able to integrate fully into the wizarding world. How could he - how could any of his type of people - when they came to school knowing nothing? She’d felt a bit embarrassed the first time they’d had joint training, and all those boys from good families had seen what her team was dealing with. At least Sammy was captain for this year. She was the one who had to deal with explaining Parker, and standing up for him and his place on the team to the Crotalus players. And it made sense for someone like Sammy to be doing that. Hopefully next year they’d have a full Pecari team and she wouldn’t have to negotiate those kinds of issues.

The weather, at least, seemed to be on their side. No glare from the sun to throw them off, a comfortable temperature to exercise in, and the wind didn’t seem strong enough to be a major factor. She listened to the captains’ speeches, watched them shake hands and readied herself for take off. She gave a good solid kick to the ground beneath her, easily snatching the Quaffle.

She turned, hoping to get a good amount of distance covered whilst everyone else untangled themselves, and before the Beaters really got a handle on the Bludgers. The opening seconds of a match were often a blur of confusion (one she’d advised Parker to stay well out of) which could be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on what happened to you.

As she flew, she kept an eye open for either of the boys, clad in dark reddish-brown robes that were an attempt at a compromise between the two house colours. They mixed much less easily than Teppadren’s, with Pecari’s brown tending to just make everything… more brown, but the only other non-partisan colour was to use the purple from last year’s scrimmage teams, and that hadn’t been very popular with some of the boys. And besides, it would be needed if there was ever a Crotadren, or Aladrus, or whatever they’d call themselves team...Aladrus sounded mildly better, she thought. Any avoidance of the syllable ‘Crot’ usually benefitted a portmanteau.

Seeing one of her teammates, she got in close, so that she could throw the ball more gently and have it still reach its target. Simon could probably handle things either way, but she wanted to keep passes simpler for Parker if she could. Hoping they kept possession, she threw towards her team-mate.

OOC - as Simon's author said he would not have been keen on purple, it was agreed that it wasn’t god-modding to include that fact in Ing’s post.

  • Quidditch: Teppadren vs. Pecalus!Professor-Referee Wright, Sun Oct 8 12:33
    One of the things, Gray thought, which made him manifestly unsuited to his current job was something he could not help. Learning to see inter-House cooperation as in a way better than the usual House ... more
    • Let's get this show in the air! — Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Mon Oct 9 01:47
      • Here we go.Simon M, Pecalus Chaser, Wed Oct 11 09:40
        Purple was not, Simon supposed, the worst color in the world. Lots of people in the world had worn it and a good few of them had been far, far more important wizards than he. The sad fact was,... more
        • Ready or not here we comeParker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Thu Oct 12 06:22
          Parker took five deep breaths, just like his mother had taught him on his first day of school. He'd had so much energy that day it felt like it was literally spilling out onto the ground around him.... more
          • So do we, what a coincidence.Amelia L, Teppad. Chaser, Sun Oct 15 20:22
            Seeing her first year friend among the Pecari (plus Simon Mordue) Chasers before the match, Amelia made it a point to smile and wave to him. His coworkers for the moment were both pureblood and one... more
            • Surprise!Capt Jack,Teppadren,Chaser, Mon Oct 16 15:05
              After a minor anxiety attack in the morning, Jack felt better about their chances than before. Certainly it was a disappointment, not having a full team, but it wasn't going to spell a loss for them. ... more
              • You got me thereIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Oct 18 16:35
                The match got off to a good start. Simon had picked up her pass. It was a shame there was such a gap in their ages and houses… Had things fallen out differently, maybe they’d have been people who got ... more
                • Deee rats!Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Wed Oct 25 05:05
                  Parker was feeling good after his breath of air, and then his stomach lurched a bit as the Quaffle he threw went into someone else's hands. Looking below him as it happened Parker realized just how... more
    • Let's go Pecalus!Lily Spencer, Seeker, Sun Oct 8 17:17
      Though Pecari wasn’t a full team, they weren’t as short as the other houses and for that she was proud. It was only fair to combine where they could, but she still had her position as Seeker. When... more
      • Please don't Eden Manger, Teppadren Seeker, Sun Oct 15 12:00
        Another broom came this year with her father's name attached. Last year, it hadn't come until after Christmas, but this one was earlier. In preparation for a full, successful season, as the note... more
        • Unless you mean 'go down,' then feel free.Joe U, Teppad. Beater, Sun Oct 15 17:04
          His brother had, by all accounts Joe had half-heard, been complete and total rubbish as a captain. Leadership, for all the efforts Mom, the Scouts, Sonora, and probably God Himself had put into... more
          • I mean 'go down' in history!Lily S, Seeker, Pecalus, Tue Oct 24 12:01
            Looking for the Snitch was just a little boring. Lily let her eyes wander to the Chasers to see the position she'd given up for this. They looked like they were having a good time and Jack was doing... more
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