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Parker Fitzgerald - Pecari
They like many things
Tue Oct 10, 2017 05:39

Parker felt good floating. It seemed really odd, but he could float. When the girl next to him answered he remembered that he'd need to be more conscious of what he said to people going forward.

He tried to think of how to explain a bike for a few seconds then shook his head. No that would be too complicated.

He laughed a bit, he hoped in an inviting way. "No no. Sorry. Was just a joke," he said holding out the apple for her to see.

"And don't worry about bicycles. Think of it like a..." he tried to think of something most kids might know.
"Do tou know what a banister is?" He thought of sliding down banisters in the houses his father designed and built. This was the girl all the teachers seemed to know so Parker assumed she'd had double story house.

"My names Parker by the way," he said holding out his hand. Doing so caused a few things to happen simultaneously. First he leaned a bit forward which started his broom moving. Second with the apple in one hand and his other stretched out he couldn't balance as well. The combination of which caused him to slip of the back of his broom as it moved forward causing Parker to land on his tail bone with a loud oof.

As he got up off the ground rubbing his butt he turned to the girl next to him, "Maybe don't follow my lead."

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    • They like many things — Parker Fitzgerald - Pecari, Tue Oct 10 05:39
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