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Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser
Ready or not here we come
Thu Oct 12, 2017 06:22

Parker took five deep breaths, just like his mother had taught him on his first day of school. He'd had so much energy that day it felt like it was literally spilling out onto the ground around him. So his mom taught him the five breaths. One, focus on breathing. Two, notice you're breathing. Three, notice your legs. Four, notice your chest. Five, notice your head. Now use your head.

And it wasn't surprising that Parker had this much energy. He'd been chosen to be on the team when they combined house teams. There had been some sort of hierarchy that he hadn't fully grasped as to who got what position, but he had gotten one and he had put his heart into preparation. He had focused a lot in flying class and in team practice. He'd found he could mimic other players well enough and that had come as a positive surprise. He'd also kept doing self practice on his own on the pitch making sure he could fly well without going outside the bounds.

With all of that, the gardening club he'd joined, and his studies which he did try doing, he had found little time for anything. So the energy of coming to the anticipated climax of his efforts and simply being one of the few first years on the field and if he did well maybe people wouldn't be so persnikity about him being Muggle born meant he needed to breath.

As he stepped out onto the field in the colors that had seemed serious business for some reason, he tried to focus on what he had been told before. First at practice, then in the secret practice he had had with Amelia that he hadn't mentioned to the team because she was on the other side, and then what he could pick up from watching others play. He had even picked up a few books to make sure he understood the rules, thoufh that only helped in confusing him with 700 possible fouls.

What do you need to do?

First, get in the air as fast as possible. Get out of the crazy that will ensue.

Second, help get the Quaffle down the field without getting it intercepted.

Three, unless no one else is close or you think you can really make the shot pass the Quaffle to another Chaser.

Four, don't get hit too badly by another player.

The third rule was in part as respect to the older players and in part because Parker was worried about committing a foul and messing everything up.

As the game started Parker got up in the air as quickly as possible. Not looking down but towards the ball...Quaffle, that Ingrid had gotten. He raced below her and Simon and saw Ingrid make a soft pass. Simon easily caught the ball, but Parker having seen the practice matches knew that the soft throws could be intercepted easily and worried that Ingrid was doing it incase it was him.

He appreciated the gesture, but not if they lost because of it.

Simon moved down the field and Parker moved in to be close incase Simon needed to get rid of the Quaffle quickly. As Parker flew he began to realize what he'd signed up for as he needed to use a lot of sensing about what was happening all around him to avoid other players or Bludgers.

And just like that he saw Simon throw a soft one his direction. And like that Parker had the Quaffle.

You have it. Now remember 2 and 3

Parker sped up a bit and tried to zig zag to ensure he wasn't a prime target. As he got closer to the hoops at the end of the field Parker momentarily looked down to make sure Simon was still below him. He saw a reddish brown robe and tossed it harder than the other two had just as he was about to get into the scoring zone.

As he began to quickly circle back incase of a misfire on his part, Parker let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

Five: remember to breath.

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    • Ready or not here we come — Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Thu Oct 12 06:22
      • So do we, what a coincidence.Amelia L, Teppad. Chaser, Sun Oct 15 20:22
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        • Surprise!Capt Jack,Teppadren,Chaser, Mon Oct 16 15:05
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          • You got me thereIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Oct 18 16:35
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            • Deee rats!Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Wed Oct 25 05:05
              Parker was feeling good after his breath of air, and then his stomach lurched a bit as the Quaffle he threw went into someone else's hands. Looking below him as it happened Parker realized just how... more
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