Eden Manger, Teppadren Seeker
Please don't
Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:00

Another broom came this year with her father's name attached. Last year, it hadn't come until after Christmas, but this one was earlier. In preparation for a full, successful season, as the note explained. Of course, it was arguably not going to be a “full” season, since there were only two teams, but Eden supposed she couldn't expect her dead dad to know everything.

She still had no idea how this was even happening. The arrangements themselves weren't necessarily the unbelievable part - her father had always been one step ahead - but that he'd known she'd end up playing, and that he would-.... That he wouldn't be around to witness her experiences. It was that part that the second year could simply not comprehend. She hadn't known him to have the Sight, nor even really put much stock in such a thing, but somehow he had just… known.

And now here she was, shivering slightly against the cool but manageable wind. She was seeking for two Houses now technically, for Teppenpaw and Aladren, for Jake, Arnold, and Sally. The stakes were raised as she hoped to do well by all three of her alumni siblings, and, after an apparent string of good fortune last year, Eden had gotten a little spoiled by winning. She wanted to do it again.

She glanced nervously at Ginger, who was basically family as Jake’s girlfriend and who, while Eden was unsure of the official hierarchy of the combined teams, she regarded as an authority. Eden tried to look brave, but she was certain her expression gave away her slight reluctance.

Fortunately there wasn't much time for that, as Professor Gray released the Snitch. Eden focused her blue eyes in on the golden ball with all her might, but it was so small and so quick. By the time she could get into the sky, she'd lost it in the air. Quickly debating between pursuing Lily in the hopes of letting her find it and then outspeeding her, and splitting off on her own to cover more space, she decided for the moment to act upon the former instinct. She followed at a fair distance, scanning and rescanning all around them and hoping she wasn't already screwing the whole thing up.

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  • Let's go Pecalus!Lily Spencer, Seeker, Sun Oct 8 17:17
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    • Please don't — Eden Manger, Teppadren Seeker, Sun Oct 15 12:00
      • Unless you mean 'go down,' then feel free.Joe U, Teppad. Beater, Sun Oct 15 17:04
        His brother had, by all accounts Joe had half-heard, been complete and total rubbish as a captain. Leadership, for all the efforts Mom, the Scouts, Sonora, and probably God Himself had put into... more
        • I mean 'go down' in history!Lily S, Seeker, Pecalus, Tue Oct 24 12:01
          Looking for the Snitch was just a little boring. Lily let her eyes wander to the Chasers to see the position she'd given up for this. They looked like they were having a good time and Jack was doing... more
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