Joe U, Teppad. Beater
Unless you mean 'go down,' then feel free.
Sun Oct 15, 2017 17:04

His brother had, by all accounts Joe had half-heard, been complete and total rubbish as a captain. Leadership, for all the efforts Mom, the Scouts, Sonora, and probably God Himself had put into trying to make it otherwise, was just not something John was wired right for. Someone acutely okay with being himself and being by himself (the first letter Joe had gotten from home this year had been from Julian, demanding that he persuade John that it was not acceptable to live in a tent) and not very interested in other people except as they related to his interests and comforts was not an ideal candidate for the complicated job of making people work together and think they liked it and that the things they were doing which they didn’t wish to do had actually been their own ideas all along. It might, admittedly, have been better if John hadn’t been indulging in some Goethe-level existential angst all year last year, but even under the best of circumstances, Joe doubted John would have been particularly brilliant in that particular post.

One thing his brother had been pretty good at, though, was hitting Bludgers at people, and he had passed something of this skill along to Joe. Joe was, therefore, not surprised to find that when Teppenpaw and Aladren sorted their members into one team, they had decided to give him a Beater’s bat. Less fortunately, they gave the other one to Jozua – something Joe considered unfortunate not because of anything to do with Jozua, but more to do with the Pecari Seeker. Joe thought it would probably be best if he was the one to do his best to hospitalize Lily Spencer, all things considered, though if Jozua did take a swing at her he’d have Joe’s admiration. Intimate friendships weren’t really something Joe was familiar with, but he’d gathered that most Teppenpaws (though admittedly, Jozua wasn’t most Teppenpaws to begin with) were averse to hitting at least those persons they considered such friends with Bludgers.

The most important thing, however, was protecting Eden. The Seeker looked like a pretty, delicate little thing to him, the sort it was pretty much instinctual to protect, but she had caught the Snitch last year and therefore would, if they had any sense at all, be a high priority for the Pecari Beaters. Therefore, as Joe rose in the air he kept an eye out for the first Bludger he could see, and when it angled even vaguely in her direction, he whacked it toward the Pecari Chasers plus Mordue, hoping to scatter the clump they rapidly formed around the Quaffle and take any pressure he could off Eden at the same time.

  • Please don't Eden Manger, Teppadren Seeker, Sun Oct 15 12:00
    Another broom came this year with her father's name attached. Last year, it hadn't come until after Christmas, but this one was earlier. In preparation for a full, successful season, as the note... more
    • Unless you mean 'go down,' then feel free. — Joe U, Teppad. Beater, Sun Oct 15 17:04
      • I mean 'go down' in history!Lily S, Seeker, Pecalus, Tue Oct 24 12:01
        Looking for the Snitch was just a little boring. Lily let her eyes wander to the Chasers to see the position she'd given up for this. They looked like they were having a good time and Jack was doing... more
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