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Amelia L, Teppad. Chaser
So do we, what a coincidence.
Sun Oct 15, 2017 20:22

Seeing her first year friend among the Pecari (plus Simon Mordue) Chasers before the match, Amelia made it a point to smile and wave to him. His coworkers for the moment were both pureblood and one was a Crotalus, so inspiring paranoia was entirely possible on top of being desirable – it might break up any degree of cohesion they had, or at least create enough of a crack in it to allow the Teppadrens something to work with.

Overall, Amelia was happy with her team, even though she had been put out of her customary role by Eden Manger. Amelia liked Eden and the other girl had beaten her fair and square last year, which made it only sensible that she play Seeker today. Teppenpaw Beaters were a slightly stranger prospect – Tepps were supposed to be too soft for that kind of thing, weren’t they? – but one of them had started the Dueling Club and one of them had punched the headmaster, so they made sense enough. Ginger Pierce was also probably the best Keeper in the school, so even if Jack, Louis, and Amelia didn’t keep things together (which there was no reason for them not to do), she didn’t worry too much about Simon or Parker getting in an indecent number of goals, anyway. She really thought their peculiar little hybrid-team had a good chance in this match, even with the advantage that Pecalus had with being almost entirely drawn from one House.

Ingrid got the ball first, which was not a huge surprise. What was more surprising was that she managed to pass it to Simon and then Simon managed to pass it to Parker, even though they were clearly taking it easy on the new guy. Amelia made a small face of frustration, partially blaming herself – she and Louis had both played and trained as Chasers here and there, but it wasn’t the position they’d trained most or most recently for, and it didn’t really occur to Amelia to portion any of the blame to Louis while blaming herself was perfectly reasonable to do. When Parker had the ball, though, she focused on him. He’d be the easiest to steal from, no doubt, unless one of the other two did something really weird….

Or unless he went into the scoring zone. There was always that. As Amelia drew up short of it to see how the throw went, though, she realized Parker wasn’t attempting to score. Where was the Quaffle, then? She cursed to herself as she looked for it, realizing she had been so intent on what she thought would happen that she hadn’t paid much attention to what had actually happened.

  • Ready or not here we comeParker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Thu Oct 12 06:22
    Parker took five deep breaths, just like his mother had taught him on his first day of school. He'd had so much energy that day it felt like it was literally spilling out onto the ground around him.... more
    • So do we, what a coincidence. — Amelia L, Teppad. Chaser, Sun Oct 15 20:22
      • Surprise!Capt Jack,Teppadren,Chaser, Mon Oct 16 15:05
        After a minor anxiety attack in the morning, Jack felt better about their chances than before. Certainly it was a disappointment, not having a full team, but it wasn't going to spell a loss for them. ... more
        • You got me thereIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Oct 18 16:35
          The match got off to a good start. Simon had picked up her pass. It was a shame there was such a gap in their ages and houses… Had things fallen out differently, maybe they’d have been people who got ... more
          • Deee rats!Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Wed Oct 25 05:05
            Parker was feeling good after his breath of air, and then his stomach lurched a bit as the Quaffle he threw went into someone else's hands. Looking below him as it happened Parker realized just how... more
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