Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus
You got me there
Wed Oct 18, 2017 16:35

The match got off to a good start. Simon had picked up her pass. It was a shame there was such a gap in their ages and houses… Had things fallen out differently, maybe they’d have been people who got on, or at least been team-mates. After that, the pass even made it to Parker. Yes! Although she knew fortunes could change very quickly in a Quidditch match, it was always good to get off to a positive start, especially for a new player like Parker. Making his first catch in a match would surely increase his confidence, and hopefully have him playing at his best for the whole game.

She made her way forward, hoping that Parker would have the nerve to go for goal, but also understanding that he might not. Anyway, if he did, Ginger would be throwing the ball out afterwards, whichever way it went, and so being up that end of the pitch in order to mark one of the Teppadren players was a good plan.

It seemed like Parker wasn’t quite ready to go for goal yet. He made a pass. Ingrid was aware of a Bludger being hit into the Chaser mix, so she glanced over her shoulder to check for danger. That reduced her awareness of the hazards immediately around her. It was sharply brought back as something collided with her. Her first half-thought was that it was the other Bludger, whilst almost simultaneously the thought was quelled by the fact it was not hard enough, or the right shape. Jack, diving for the Quaffle, had knocked into her. He came off better - not that she was hurt from the minor shove, but he had the Quaffle. Still, the Bludger went wide of both of them, so things could be worse.

She took a moment to steady herself, throwing a thumbs up at Parker. Sure, they had just lost the ball, but no one kept hold of it forever - they’d had a series of good passes, and she didn’t want him to lose heart.

She turned tail, following the ball down the pitch, although she didn’t have much hope of catching it before Jack passed.

  • Surprise!Capt Jack,Teppadren,Chaser, Mon Oct 16 15:05
    After a minor anxiety attack in the morning, Jack felt better about their chances than before. Certainly it was a disappointment, not having a full team, but it wasn't going to spell a loss for them. ... more
    • You got me there — Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Oct 18 16:35
      • Deee rats!Parker Fitzgerald, Pecalus Chaser, Wed Oct 25 05:05
        Parker was feeling good after his breath of air, and then his stomach lurched a bit as the Quaffle he threw went into someone else's hands. Looking below him as it happened Parker realized just how... more
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