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Lily S, Seeker, Pecalus
I mean 'go down' in history!
Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:01

Looking for the Snitch was just a little boring. Lily let her eyes wander to the Chasers to see the position she'd given up for this. They looked like they were having a good time and Jack was doing rather well. She always forgot that he was actually not terrible at Quidditch. Lily glanced at Eden, making sure the other Seeker hadn't found the Snitch yet. It seemed like she was following her, but she couldn't be sure.

'Focus, Lily, focus,' she told herself and flew a bit faster, her eyes scanning.

There were moments she thought she saw those glints of gold and her heart leapt at the prospect, but it always evaded her before she could even make a move towards it. Lily glanced at Eden again and dove down and up, copying her brother's move. It was more or less a way to entertain herself than to shake Eden off.

Suddenly she felt her heart leap again and she shot off after a flash near the stands. The wind was whipping her hair around and she cursed her vanity at that moment. She folded herself down on the broom, heart racing with the fear that Eden, who was more experienced with wins, would reach it before her, or that she would crash into the stands and die a hero's death. As she neared, the Snitch flew downwards, then up and towards the hoops. Luckily she was close enough that it didn't disappear on her and she felt herself straining forward to reach it faster.

When she was finally within distance, her heart in her throat, her shaking hand swiped at it, but it dropped down. Her fingers hadn't even skimmed it.

"Come on!" she shouted at no one. Three times she swiped at it and three times it evaded her. Finally, on the fourth try, with a frustrated cry she grabbed it and felt the cool golden circle in her hand. She'd caught the Snitch!

"I did it!" she yelled, flying around the pitch. "I caught the Snitch!" All of her feelings evolved into euphoria and she let go of her broom for a second to pump both fists in the air. She let out a victorious 'whoop.' "I did it!"

  • Unless you mean 'go down,' then feel free.Joe U, Teppad. Beater, Sun Oct 15 17:04
    His brother had, by all accounts Joe had half-heard, been complete and total rubbish as a captain. Leadership, for all the efforts Mom, the Scouts, Sonora, and probably God Himself had put into... more
    • I mean 'go down' in history! — Lily S, Seeker, Pecalus, Tue Oct 24 12:01
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