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Match 2, Teppadren vs Pecalus
Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:52

As they were still short a full time coach, the staff were sharing the matches between them. Selina had played Chaser for her house team back in the day at Salem, so she was no stranger to fast paced flying and keeping an eye on events on a Quidditch pitch. As there were only two teams this year, they were running a ‘best of three’ format, which meant this could be the last match, if Pecalus scooped another victory. She was torn between wanting them to win to save anyone having to referee a third match, and hoping that Teppadren drew level because it would be nice for the kids if the season went on a little longer. There were few enough Crotalus players on the pitch, and she didn’t feel gung-ho enough about it (she was not an alum of the house she oversaw) that house pride didn’t sway her either way.

Whilst the snow had faded from the grounds, they were still in the middle of an Irish winter, in spite of being in the desert. Whilst the founders may have enjoyed their home climes, and whilst she was generally glad not to be sweating out in a desert climate, she thought they might have done well to not include the Quidditch pitch in the enchantment, and to let it maintain more temperate weather. They had probably decided that playing in the cold was character building.

The temperature was in single figures (centigrade), the ground was hard with frost. It wasn’t raining yet but it was very overcast with a strong wind. Selina would much rather have been inside, regardless of the warming charms she could cast to keep herself comfortable. She had advised all captains to make sure their teams were topped up with the same.

“Good morning,” she greeted the spectators. “Thank you for coming down to the second match of the term. Again, we see Teppadren take on Pecalus, with Teppadren needing this to stay in the competition.”

Turning back to the teams, she addressed them.

“Speak now if you haven’t had warming charms cast?” it never hurt to double check. Once she was sure no-one was going to turn into an icicle, she called the captains forward to shake hands, before releasing the Snitch and Bludgers. Holding the Quaffle, she gave it three… two… and a blast on her whistle, as she threw the scarlet ball into the air.

OOC - Please put your house colour in your title. How to do this, along with other Quidditch rules, can be found here. The match will stay open for exactly two weeks from the day and time of posting.

    • Hoping this turns into a redemption storyEden, Teppad. Seeker , Wed Nov 22 17:31
      Eden didn’t want to play Quidditch anymore. She hadn’t done a very good job last time, letting the other girl catch the Snitch. Ginger was a very nice captain (no wonder her brother was dating her)... more
      • Hoping for a second success.Lily S, Pecalus, Seeker, Thu Nov 30 15:48
        After the last match, Lily had felt very proud of herself. Her brother had refused to speak to her, but she didn't care because her team had won all because of her. She didn't necessarily gloat over... more
    • Potentially my last Quidditich gameCaptain Ginger, Keeper, Fri Nov 10 20:18
      Teppadren's first game did not go as well as could have been hoped, at least, in that it did not win. They hadn't done badly though. It had been a low scoring game, and Ginger hadn't really had much... more
      • I wouldn’t be adverse to that, honestly Jozua, Teppadren Beater, Tue Nov 21 09:36
        Jozua didn’t want to play Beater. He would grant it was better than playing Chaser, because his Quaffle Throwing skill was utterly dwarfed and eclipsed by the relative magnitude of his Bludger... more
        • I’d be happy to help you loseBen Pierce, Pecalus Beater, Tue Nov 21 10:37
          Ben was so ready for this game. Lily had snagged them the snitch and the win in the fall, and he had every confidence the fourth year could do it again. He gave her a grin and a wide grin and offered ... more
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