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Captain Ginger, Keeper
Potentially my last Quidditich game
Fri Nov 10, 2017 20:18

Teppadren's first game did not go as well as could have been hoped, at least, in that it did not win. They hadn't done badly though. It had been a low scoring game, and Ginger hadn't really had much to do, as Jack and Louis were quite accomplished at being Chasers and Amelia had done a reasonable job for her lack of experience as well. Despite the Teppadren team's slow start getting the Quaffle in the first place, all three Chasers had done quite a good job, and her job as Keeper had been pretty easy. Lily just got a bit luckier than Eden did that game, and the match went to Pecalus.

She kind of hoped it went just as easily for her today, because it was bitterly frigid out here, and she wasn't willing to swear her fingers (even with the warming charms and thick gloves on them that probably wouldn't help her ability to catch and throw, but which she didn't dare go without) wouldn't shatter in the cold if she had to use them to block a speeding Quaffle (she had practiced enough in the winter to know they probably wouldn't, but she could not discount the possibility outright). As a Californian who wintered only a mile north of the Mexican border, she though cold was barely tolerable when there was pretty snow to make it worthwhile. Playing Quidditch in the deep freeze just seemed to her like something that should be rescheduled. As a seventh year, she had, of course, done this before, but that just made her hate it more. It meant she knew how bad her hands were going to sting when they made contact with a cold Quaffle, and if it did start freezing rain out here, like the clouds looked like they were threatening to, then it would get really miserable.

Couldn't they just wait until spring and spend this awful day inside?

No. No, they couldn't. Because sometimes wizards were really dumb (like when the Irish founders made Sonora's weather charms), and Quidditch just seemed to exacerbate that.

She pasted on a smile as the rest of the team gathered around her and Jack. "Anyone need help with warming charms?" she asked, and distributed them out to those who needed them. Once that was done, she she looked over to Jack to see if he wanted the honors of starting the pre-game speech, since she'd taken lead on the charms. After he'd had the chance to say anything he wanted to say, she concluded with, "Whatever happens, you've all been great people to play with, and I'm glad I've had the opportunity to meet and practice with all of you. We've got this. Go forth and do Teppenpaw and Aladren proud!"

And with that, she went with Jack to shake hands with the other team's captains. Soon enough, the whistle blew, and Ginger was in the air, flying toward the Teppadren goals that were her charge to guard at least this one game more. She really hoped they won. She didn't want her last Quidditch memory to be in this wretched weather.

  • Match 2, Teppadren vs PecalusDH Skies, Fri Nov 10 12:52
    As they were still short a full time coach, the staff were sharing the matches between them. Selina had played Chaser for her house team back in the day at Salem, so she was no stranger to fast paced ... more
    • Hoping this turns into a redemption storyEden, Teppad. Seeker , Wed Nov 22 17:31
      Eden didnít want to play Quidditch anymore. She hadnít done a very good job last time, letting the other girl catch the Snitch. Ginger was a very nice captain (no wonder her brother was dating her)... more
      • Hoping for a second success.Lily S, Pecalus, Seeker, Thu Nov 30 15:48
        After the last match, Lily had felt very proud of herself. Her brother had refused to speak to her, but she didn't care because her team had won all because of her. She didn't necessarily gloat over... more
    • Potentially my last Quidditich game — Captain Ginger, Keeper, Fri Nov 10 20:18
      • I wouldnít be adverse to that, honestly Jozua, Teppadren Beater, Tue Nov 21 09:36
        Jozua didnít want to play Beater. He would grant it was better than playing Chaser, because his Quaffle Throwing skill was utterly dwarfed and eclipsed by the relative magnitude of his Bludger... more
        • Iíd be happy to help you loseBen Pierce, Pecalus Beater, Tue Nov 21 10:37
          Ben was so ready for this game. Lily had snagged them the snitch and the win in the fall, and he had every confidence the fourth year could do it again. He gave her a grin and a wide grin and offered ... more
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