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Jozua, Teppadren Beater
I wouldn’t be adverse to that, honestly
Tue Nov 21, 2017 09:36

Jozua didn’t want to play Beater. He would grant it was better than playing Chaser, because his Quaffle Throwing skill was utterly dwarfed and eclipsed by the relative magnitude of his Bludger Smacking skill, which in turn was infinitesimal compared to his flying ability, but comparing his flying ability to a good Quidditch player was like comparing an old man out for his daily constitutional to a foot racing athlete in his prime. Jozua and the old man could get where they wanted to go without any trouble, but speed wasn’t exactly their hallmark.

Beating ordinarily wouldn’t necessitate being as fast as the Chasers, if one was assigned to the Seekers, who didn’t dart from one side of the Pitch to the other like manic pixies like the Chasers did, but with Teppadren up against Pecalus, the seeker on the other team was Lily, who just so happened to be Jozua’s best friend and secret crush and pretty much the very last person he’d ever want to whack a heavy ball of destruction at, with only the possible exception of his own mother, so he’d been assigned to assist the Aladren Chasers rather than subject him to that conflict of interest, but the Aladren chasers were, as mentioned previously, manic pixies darting all over the pitch, so Jozua had spent pretty much the entire game just trying to keep up with everyone. He was unwilling to confirm or deny the assertion that his bat had never so much as glanced against a metal ball the whole match.

And now the same two teams were having a rematch. But this time with newly added frost and the potential for freezing rain. He could no longer remember why he’d thought it would be a good idea to rejoin the Quidditch team.

He glowered at Ginger because he thought it was maybe somehow her fault. Those little drawings she put on her sign up sheets were probably laced with mind control curses. She was a devious and insidious villain. She was too powerful in her victory over Jozua’s weak mind to even notice his scowl.

As she headed over to shake hands with the opposing captains, Jozua took the moment to sneak a covert nod of greeting and luck to his best friend on the other team, then heaved a heavy sigh and readied his broom.

The game started and Jozua figured his best shot at doing something besides following the chasers around like a lost puppy again was to knock a bludger into their midst while they were all still sorting out who even had possession and which direction they were going to tear along the pitch first.

He got lucky and caught up to one of the bludgers quickly and swiftly smacked it in the direction of a Pecalus player just as they figured out their flocking direction. Ha. Even if he missed, he was already doing better than last game. Well, unless it hit an Aladren by mistake, but he didn’t think his aim wasn’t that bad. Probably. He hoped not anyway.

  • Potentially my last Quidditich gameCaptain Ginger, Keeper, Fri Nov 10 20:18
    Teppadren's first game did not go as well as could have been hoped, at least, in that it did not win. They hadn't done badly though. It had been a low scoring game, and Ginger hadn't really had much... more
    • I wouldn’t be adverse to that, honestly — Jozua, Teppadren Beater, Tue Nov 21 09:36
      • I’d be happy to help you loseBen Pierce, Pecalus Beater, Tue Nov 21 10:37
        Ben was so ready for this game. Lily had snagged them the snitch and the win in the fall, and he had every confidence the fourth year could do it again. He gave her a grin and a wide grin and offered ... more
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