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Ben Pierce, Pecalus Beater
I’d be happy to help you lose
Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:37

Ben was so ready for this game. Lily had snagged them the snitch and the win in the fall, and he had every confidence the fourth year could do it again. He gave her a grin and a wide grin and offered a high five as he jovially told her, “You got this!” as they began to assemble for their captains’ pregame speech.

He’d already put on a warming charm - he was a fifth year from Pecari, applying a warming charm before leaving the Commons was as automatic as putting on his coat in the winter months; and even more so when he was wearing a robe instead of a coat, like today - but he was barely feeling the chill. He was still warm from his jog out to the pitch (which had been longer than strictly necessary so that it could serve as his pregame warmup exercise.) He kept jumping and bouncing in place as the captains and coaches talked, too, to keep from cooling down too much before the whistle blew.

Soon enough, it did just that, and Ben was off, bat in hand looking for a bludger. Lily’s Tepp friend got to the one he’d spotted first, but it wasn’t hard to guess which of the Pecalus players he would take his shot at. He knew from watching him in past games that Jozua was not a particularly skilled beater and he tended to take the easiest shot that presented itself (when he got to take any shots at all).

Having correctly anticipated the target and put on an extra burst of speed, Ben was able to intercept and lay claim to the bludger before it reached its intended victim. Grinning at his minor victory, Ben swung his bat and sent the bludger flying instead toward one of the Aladren chasers. It really wasn’t a fair beater match-up, with Sammy and Ben up against Joe and Jozua (and would have thought a combination team would field two Teppenpaws as beaters?) but Ben was willing to take whatever advantages they had. The Teppadren chasers were probably in for an unpleasant game again.

  • I wouldn’t be adverse to that, honestly Jozua, Teppadren Beater, Tue Nov 21 09:36
    Jozua didn’t want to play Beater. He would grant it was better than playing Chaser, because his Quaffle Throwing skill was utterly dwarfed and eclipsed by the relative magnitude of his Bludger... more
    • I’d be happy to help you lose — Ben Pierce, Pecalus Beater, Tue Nov 21 10:37
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