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Eden, Teppad. Seeker
Hoping this turns into a redemption story
Wed Nov 22, 2017 17:31

Eden didn’t want to play Quidditch anymore. She hadn’t done a very good job last time, letting the other girl catch the Snitch. Ginger was a very nice captain (no wonder her brother was dating her) and said that it was okay, but it wasn’t. Eden felt very bad and had cried a lot after that. Quidditch was her connection to her dad, which had been completely unexpected by her but somehow apparently super expected by him, as he sent her a broom two years in a row and now he sent applicable letters (“Good luck” and, a few weeks later, “I’m still proud of you”). Eden still couldn’t figure out how he knew all that would happen, but she wanted him to be proud for a reason, not just because he was her dad. That meant winning, and she hadn’t done that.

She had very meekly and politely suggested that maybe she shouldn’t be on the team anymore, but here she was, still getting ready to fly up into the cold, gloomy sky. Eden had let Ginger put a warming charm on her, but she still felt the winter all the way down to her tiny little bones. Eden didn’t really like the cold very much.

Last time, she had followed Lily in the hopes of outspeeding her if she found the Snitch, but that obviously hadn’t worked, so when the whistle blew and the balls were released, Eden went off more on her own, searching the sky with sharp blue eyes. This time, they had to win. For her dad and for Ginger, who would otherwise be done playing Sonora Quidditch forever. Eden didn’t want to be responsible for that. She wanted Ginger to be happy, and her dad to be proud of her, in whatever capacity that could happen or she could believe it was happening. So she had to be good. Better. Best. Eden needed to catch the Snitch.

  • Match 2, Teppadren vs PecalusDH Skies, Fri Nov 10 12:52
    As they were still short a full time coach, the staff were sharing the matches between them. Selina had played Chaser for her house team back in the day at Salem, so she was no stranger to fast paced ... more
    • Hoping this turns into a redemption story — Eden, Teppad. Seeker , Wed Nov 22 17:31
      • Hoping for a second success.Lily S, Pecalus, Seeker, Thu Nov 30 15:48
        After the last match, Lily had felt very proud of herself. Her brother had refused to speak to her, but she didn't care because her team had won all because of her. She didn't necessarily gloat over... more
    • Potentially my last Quidditich gameCaptain Ginger, Keeper, Fri Nov 10 20:18
      Teppadren's first game did not go as well as could have been hoped, at least, in that it did not win. They hadn't done badly though. It had been a low scoring game, and Ginger hadn't really had much... more
      • I wouldn’t be adverse to that, honestly Jozua, Teppadren Beater, Tue Nov 21 09:36
        Jozua didn’t want to play Beater. He would grant it was better than playing Chaser, because his Quaffle Throwing skill was utterly dwarfed and eclipsed by the relative magnitude of his Bludger... more
        • I’d be happy to help you loseBen Pierce, Pecalus Beater, Tue Nov 21 10:37
          Ben was so ready for this game. Lily had snagged them the snitch and the win in the fall, and he had every confidence the fourth year could do it again. He gave her a grin and a wide grin and offered ... more
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