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Lily S, Pecalus, Seeker
Hoping for a second success.
Thu Nov 30, 2017 15:48

After the last match, Lily had felt very proud of herself. Her brother had refused to speak to her, but she didn't care because her team had won all because of her. She didn't necessarily gloat over the holiday, but she did tell everyone how incredible it felt to hold the Snitch in her hand and hear her house-mates cheering for her in the stands.

As expected, her mum lectured her on the dangers of playing such a sport, but her eyes twinkled with pride. Her dad, on the other hand, had slapped her on the back like he would one of her brothers and congratulated her. Adam, not wanting to show favouritism, had congratulated her with a small gift when they were alone, commemorating her first win. Later, Lily's dad took just her out to celebrate, a rarity with three other siblings, and she'd very much enjoyed eating whatever she wanted to her heart's content. Though her holiday soured later on, those first few days back home had been blissful.

It was a glorious feeling, winning, and she hoped to feel it again.

Lily donned on her uniform and looked outside of her window to check the weather. It was ghastly. She thought she'd left the cold back in London, but by now she ought to have expected it here as well. Snow was great fun to play in, but she preferred the hot weather even if it meant sweating and sweltering under the sun. She sighed, but there was nothing she could do about it. Before stepping outside, she cast a warming charm on herself and hardly felt a difference as she walked to the pitch with her broom in hand.

This time Lily knew she needed to focus more and be even better than last. It was almost a bit of luck, really, spotting the Snitch first, but Lily wanted to make certain she had a faster broom and quicker eyes to see the gold. Her hair was still too short to tie up, but long enough where it got in her way at times. She knew she should have cut it again before coming back to school, but it was too late. Lily just hoped it didn't get into her eyes and distract her. Though she hadn't practised at all during the holiday, since returning to Sonora she spent almost every evening in the MARS sports room trying to improve her keen eyes. She was still learning in this newer position and she didn't want to let her team down.

Lily made eye-contact with Jozua on the other team and reciprocated his nod. It was unfortunate that they found themselves on opposing teams again, but at least he wouldn't be trying to de-broom her with bludgers. Lily mounted her broom and soared up at the whistle. There wasn't much for her to do yet since it was unlikely that the Snitch was going to present itself this early in the match. She tried to stay out of the fray and instead flew closer to the walls of the pitch, hoping for luck to be on her side once again. She wouldn't mind playing another round, but ending the series here with another win for Pecalus would definitely fall under the 'gloriously epic' category.

  • Hoping this turns into a redemption storyEden, Teppad. Seeker , Wed Nov 22 17:31
    Eden didnít want to play Quidditch anymore. She hadnít done a very good job last time, letting the other girl catch the Snitch. Ginger was a very nice captain (no wonder her brother was dating her)... more
    • Hoping for a second success. — Lily S, Pecalus, Seeker, Thu Nov 30 15:48
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