DH Skies
The Final Play Off - Teppadren vs Pecalus
Sat Dec 2, 2017 10:35

As Selina took to the pitch, she felt a strong sense of deja vu. Or was it still deja vu if you really had been there before - did it have to have that strange, unreal sensation? For the third time that school year, Teppadren would be facing off against Pecalus, as the former had won the second match, giving each side one victory and necessitating a play off.

At least the weather was not on repeat. The stinging cold of winter had melted into a pleasant spring, one which was now on the verge of giving over to summer. It was a clear, bright day. With the mild Irish climate, Sonora’s temperatures never got up to the sweltering highs of real Arizona summer, and by some of the residents’ scales it probably barely broke into hot, but today was sure to be considered, at the very least, mild by most, and a little warm by some.

“Welcome to the final match of the season. As the teams stand at one victory apiece, this will determine who will take home the trophy this year,” she announced. Whilst it was strange to see the exact same combination of players come together again again, she hoped that the added thrill of the trophy being on the line meant that no one was feeling stale ahead of this match.

“Captains, shake hands,” she instructed. After that, she set the Snitch and Bludgers free, before launching the Quaffle with a sharp trill on her whistle.

OOC - apologies for the late posting of this match. It will run for exactly two weeks from the timestamp of this message. Any posts after that will not count. Please put your team name in the author line, and write it in your house colour. Details of how to do this and other rules can be found here

    • Late to the party, but worth the waitEden Manger, Teppadren Seeker, Thu Jan 4 07:37
      Eden inhaled. Eden exhaled. She felt the grass beneath her feet and wiggled her toes in her shoes, grounding herself for the sake of calmness as she prepared to depart for the skies. Professor Skies... more
    • And now it really is my last game *sobs*Capt Ginger, Keeper, Tue Dec 5 11:29
      Eden had pulled through at the end of the last match, just as Ginger had known she could, and put Teppadren onto even footing with Pecalus for the season. Ginger had cheered loudly and sent a long... more
      • Present for Captain JackBen Pierce, Beater, Tue Dec 5 12:22
        Ben was kind of glad Winston Pierce was stuck sitting on the bench today. First of all, the kid clearly hated it, so that help ease Ben’s ego after Ginger’s ill-fated ‘family reunion’ only one week... more
        • Not my favourite gift.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 5 15:15
          It was Jack's last match and he couldn't believe it. These past several years of playing Quidditch was so close to being over. Though Jack hoped to work at a school as an educator one day, as well as ... more
          • I'll help you regift it.Joe U., Teppad. Beater, Tue Dec 5 19:52
            Intellectually, Joe had known for some time that his main captain and his new co-one were both seventh years, but he didn’t really think about it until Ginger nearly broke down in front of them all.... more
            • And I'll take whatever else you don't wantIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Dec 6 05:42
              Ingrid had been surprisingly pleased by the outcome of the previous match, given that she had been on the losing side. Sure, it would have been nice to win, and she had gone into that match with the... more
              • Is there a gift return area?Parker Pecalus Chaser , Thu Dec 7 10:28
                Soft one way, spikey the other. Parker fingered the feather again in his pocket. Last game Parker hadn’t played particular well. He hadn’t been terrible, but he had not been at his best, and he was... more
                • No refunds, no exchangesJozua, Beater, Fri Dec 15 17:57
                  Jozua got a slow start off the pitch ground for the last game of the season. Things with Lily since That Potions Class had been a bit weird, not bad exactly, they were both trying to pretend he had... more
                  • Then I'll take what I can get.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 19 16:22
                    Jack growled in frustration when he saw that Pecaulus had intercepted his pass. It felt a bit early in the match for a steal, but there was nothing he could do about it except steal it back. He... more
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