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Ben Pierce, Beater
Present for Captain Jack
Tue Dec 5, 2017 12:22

Ben was kind of glad Winston Pierce was stuck sitting on the bench today. First of all, the kid clearly hated it, so that help ease Benís ego after Gingerís ill-fated Ďfamily reunioní only one week before. They were nominally on the same team this year, but Ben thought he might have been tempted to Ďnot stop that bludger in timeí or Ďaccidentally cause some friendly fireí this game had the third year been in the air.

Should not exist indeed.

Well, Ben had been doing his best to pretend Winston didnít exist since then, but armed with a bat and a grudge and game known for violence, he couldnít have promised to continue not noticing the New Hampshirite in the rush of adrenaline he always felt during a competitive game, and he didnít really want that on his conscience.

In truth, he had never expected Winston to like him. Their family ideologies were too different. He didnít particularly like Winston either. But heíd been willing to give the kid a shot when Ginger invited them into the same space and heíd been metaphorically slapped in the face for the trouble.

Ginger now, she was a good sort. He tried to catch her eye on the other team, to shoot her a thumbs up of good luck for her last game, but she was looking all choked up and preoccupied with her own people so he just shrugged to himself and refocused on his own graduating captain and gave Sammy a grin and thumbs up instead.

Soon enough the whistle blew and he took off, scouring the field for one of the bludgers. There. He smiled in predatory glee and got there first.

By now the Quaffle squabble had sorted itself out though Ben couldnít immediately spot who actually had it. Instead, Ben fired his bludger in the direction of Captain Jack Spencer, figuring that the strongest and oldest of the opposing teamís chasers was a good target regardless of who actually had the Quaffle.

  • And now it really is my last game *sobs*Capt Ginger, Keeper, Tue Dec 5 11:29
    Eden had pulled through at the end of the last match, just as Ginger had known she could, and put Teppadren onto even footing with Pecalus for the season. Ginger had cheered loudly and sent a long... more
    • Present for Captain Jack — Ben Pierce, Beater, Tue Dec 5 12:22
      • Not my favourite gift.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 5 15:15
        It was Jack's last match and he couldn't believe it. These past several years of playing Quidditch was so close to being over. Though Jack hoped to work at a school as an educator one day, as well as ... more
        • I'll help you regift it.Joe U., Teppad. Beater, Tue Dec 5 19:52
          Intellectually, Joe had known for some time that his main captain and his new co-one were both seventh years, but he didnít really think about it until Ginger nearly broke down in front of them all.... more
          • And I'll take whatever else you don't wantIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Dec 6 05:42
            Ingrid had been surprisingly pleased by the outcome of the previous match, given that she had been on the losing side. Sure, it would have been nice to win, and she had gone into that match with the... more
            • Is there a gift return area?Parker Pecalus Chaser , Thu Dec 7 10:28
              Soft one way, spikey the other. Parker fingered the feather again in his pocket. Last game Parker hadnít played particular well. He hadnít been terrible, but he had not been at his best, and he was... more
              • No refunds, no exchangesJozua, Beater, Fri Dec 15 17:57
                Jozua got a slow start off the pitch ground for the last game of the season. Things with Lily since That Potions Class had been a bit weird, not bad exactly, they were both trying to pretend he had... more
                • Then I'll take what I can get.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 19 16:22
                  Jack growled in frustration when he saw that Pecaulus had intercepted his pass. It felt a bit early in the match for a steal, but there was nothing he could do about it except steal it back. He... more
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