Joe U., Teppad. Beater
I'll help you regift it.
Tue Dec 5, 2017 19:52

Intellectually, Joe had known for some time that his main captain and his new co-one were both seventh years, but he didn’t really think about it until Ginger nearly broke down in front of them all. Intellectually, he also knew that as a Teppenpaw, he was supposed to be willing to comfort people who were distressed and the House like a large, cheery extended family, but his actual family was mid-sized and inclined to frown slightly at most spontaneous demonstrations of emotion. Comforting people was something he felt as thoroughly unsuited to as de-ticking fwoopers.

Luckily, Jack seemed more competent, both patting her shoulder and taking over the speech, allowing her to do what Joe would have wanted to do and collect herself without everyone’s eyes fixed on her. Jack’s last point was a bit odd – would they both get a House cup, then, if they won this match, or was it just a casual shorthand, leftover from more regular times, for ‘win more than Pecalus’? Didn’t much matter at the moment, though, so he put it aside for the moment. They had to win before it became a relevant consideration.

The game got underway quickly, with Jack seizing the Quaffle and Ben Pierce hitting a Bludger toward Jack. In class, Joe felt confident that he would consistently outperform Ben; out here on the Pitch, he respected the guy as probably a bit superior to himself and certainly not worse at their mutual task than he was. Time to work on earning his keep here, he supposed. He flew in quickly, swinging at the Bludger - always take out the Seeker was, he’d gathered, the universal first rule of Beating, but he’d been taught, anyway, that the second rule was don’t hesitate or you will be the one who gets his head knocked in. He knocked it away from Jack, at least, though it was not aimed at any particular Pecalus Chaser – just a direction that wasn’t toward one of the people on his team. That would do for now, anyway, though it was now time to start searching for his next opportunity to hit the Bludger in more productive fashion.

  • Not my favourite gift.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 5 15:15
    It was Jack's last match and he couldn't believe it. These past several years of playing Quidditch was so close to being over. Though Jack hoped to work at a school as an educator one day, as well as ... more
    • I'll help you regift it. — Joe U., Teppad. Beater, Tue Dec 5 19:52
      • And I'll take whatever else you don't wantIngrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Dec 6 05:42
        Ingrid had been surprisingly pleased by the outcome of the previous match, given that she had been on the losing side. Sure, it would have been nice to win, and she had gone into that match with the... more
        • Is there a gift return area?Parker Pecalus Chaser , Thu Dec 7 10:28
          Soft one way, spikey the other. Parker fingered the feather again in his pocket. Last game Parker hadn’t played particular well. He hadn’t been terrible, but he had not been at his best, and he was... more
          • No refunds, no exchangesJozua, Beater, Fri Dec 15 17:57
            Jozua got a slow start off the pitch ground for the last game of the season. Things with Lily since That Potions Class had been a bit weird, not bad exactly, they were both trying to pretend he had... more
            • Then I'll take what I can get.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 19 16:22
              Jack growled in frustration when he saw that Pecaulus had intercepted his pass. It felt a bit early in the match for a steal, but there was nothing he could do about it except steal it back. He... more
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