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Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus
And I'll take whatever else you don't want
Wed Dec 6, 2017 05:42

Ingrid had been surprisingly pleased by the outcome of the previous match, given that she had been on the losing side. Sure, it would have been nice to win, and she had gone into that match with the slight tingle of knowing that it could have got them the championship. But it also would have meant the Quidditch season was over. Now they had one final match, and with everything on the line, it really got the adrenaline pumping. Ingrid was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and the kind of person who thrived under pressure. The atmosphere for this final match was her absolute element, and made up for any of the lack lustre feeling that being on a hybrid team, and playing the same match again, might have given her. She was also aware that for her, the Quidditch captaincy lay on the other side of this game. It was Sammy’s last and, barring completely flunking all her RATS, the older girl would be graduating at the end of the year, passing on the title to Ingrid. How much better it would be to go into next season with a win to their name. Or, at least part of their name.

She had made sure to give Lily some words of encouragement as they changed for the game. Although of course the official pre-game speeches were up to the captains, and there would be enough of that with two of them on board, Lily was the person on the team she felt closest to. They had similar backgrounds, and understood the feeling of being Quidditch playing girls from Pureblood families, and the complicated mix of advantages and disadvantages that came with that… Clearly she and Lily had advantages over people like Parker, who had never flown before, or even people like Ben who, whilst they grew up with magic, sometimes had limited places to explore that. The years of flying and of knowing the game were clearly an advantage. But it could be tough dealing with other people’s attitudes, although it had been a pretty smooth ride for her on that front. She knew Lily had taken her first loss pretty badly, but Ingrid hoped she’d matured as a player and been able to get past the most recent defeat, and was ready to come out fighting. Good luck, she had wished her. Eden’s a decent Seeker. But you’re better.

She waited for kick off, the sun shining down, though she had a feeling it wasn’t just that that was warming her. It was a big moment, the passing of the torch, a match day, a final, plus there was the emotional as well as temperature boost provided by the sun’s rays… Everything just felt good.

She mounted her broom, scrambling for the Quaffle as the whistle blew, but finding only a knee in her face instead. She disentangled herself, searching for the ball, and saw it was speeding away with Jack Spencer. Ingrid sped after it, although she remained alert to the rest the action. She heard the crack of wood on metal, and turned to see that Ben had aimed a Bludger at the Aladren boy. She went wide, not wanting to get mixed up in that, leaving the Bludger room to latch onto its target. Figuring that Jack wouldn’t want to deal with both a the Quaffle and the impending Bludger, she tried to stick close to the next nearest Teppadren player. Her instincts were right as, distracted or pressured by the Bludger, Jack threw the ball across to his teammate, and Ingrid swooped in, snatching it out of the air. Using her free hand, she pulled hard on her broom, leaning in as she quickly turned it one hundred and eighty degrees, and rocketed off away from Jack, the Bludger, and the Pecalus goal.

She took the ball back across the centre line before looking around for a teammate and making a pass.

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    • And I'll take whatever else you don't want — Ingrid W, Chaser, Pecalus, Wed Dec 6 05:42
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