Jozua, Beater
No refunds, no exchanges
Fri Dec 15, 2017 17:57

Jozua got a slow start off the pitch ground for the last game of the season. Things with Lily since That Potions Class had been a bit weird, not bad exactly, they were both trying to pretend he had never said what he'd said (or so Jozua assumed they were doing) but it was still kind of . . . there. He was kind of surprised to see Joe whack the bludger away from Jack, since there was no way Jozua should possibly be in charge of knocking Lily off her broom now, but he guessed Joe was in the better position for that defense before he headed off to look after Eden. Merlin knew Jozua couldn't have done anything about it that fast.

So after Joe knocked it at the littlest Pecari and it took the poor kid in the gut, Jozua was there, ready to take over the black ball of pain and disaster once it was done taking its pound of flesh out of the first year. He decided to take pity on the kid and not send it back at him right away. But Teppadren had control of the bludger and there was no sense in not taking advantage of that, so he whacked it at one of the older two Pecalus chasers. They were the bigger threat anyway. If he actually managed to connect, which was certainly not a given with his track record at this position.

He made a gesture in Joe's direction that he hoped conveyed his thanks for the assist on the Jack situation, but he had the Chaser game covered now (well, as much as Jozua could), and Joe should go help out Eden. While Joe was not privy to all the details that had been confessed over the Draught of Peace, Jozua had mentioned that things between him and Lily had gotten complicated this year - in a kind of romantic but nothing at all happening right now sort of way - so surely Joe would understand that taking out Pecalus' seeker was not really a thing Jozua was willing or able to do today.

And if Teppadren was going to win for Ginger's last game (thank Merlin she was finally graduating - not that Jozua disliked the girl, but she was hogging the one position on the pitch that Jozua thought he might stand a slim chance of not sucking at), taking out Lily was probably in the team's best interest, if not his own.

  • Is there a gift return area?Parker Pecalus Chaser , Thu Dec 7 10:28
    Soft one way, spikey the other. Parker fingered the feather again in his pocket. Last game Parker hadnít played particular well. He hadnít been terrible, but he had not been at his best, and he was... more
    • No refunds, no exchanges — Jozua, Beater, Fri Dec 15 17:57
      • Then I'll take what I can get.Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 19 16:22
        Jack growled in frustration when he saw that Pecaulus had intercepted his pass. It felt a bit early in the match for a steal, but there was nothing he could do about it except steal it back. He... more
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