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Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser
Then I'll take what I can get.
Tue Dec 19, 2017 16:22

Jack growled in frustration when he saw that Pecaulus had intercepted his pass. It felt a bit early in the match for a steal, but there was nothing he could do about it except steal it back. He whirled about on his broom and followed her as close as he dared. He heard the crack! of a bat against the iron ball and Jack glanced around, his heart stuttering again.

One of the young ones - he couldn't remember his name - accepted the bludger and Jack's eyes widened. It was almost in slow motion, this scene as it took place nearly right in front of him. He heard the sickening thud as it hit him and the boy seemed to crumple on his broom. Jack could feel his panic beginning to rise and he tried to shake it off. Now was not the time for this; he was a seventh year and a seasoned player, for Merlin's sake. He couldn't be so distracted by these inevitable consequences. Luckily Jozua was there to keep the poor lad from further misery, and Jack tore his eyes away from the scene.

His heart was still racing and he felt light-headed, but he pushed past those feelings to focus on the Quaffle. Jack swooped in the way Ingrid had before and intercepted the pass. Quaffle now in hand, he made a wide turn and made his way back to the Pecalus hoops. Jack didn't feel like himself at the moment. Though he hated admitting it, the incident had shaken him up and he felt as though he couldn't see straight. Jack did not want his team-mates to know, however, else the team's confidence could be put into jeopardy. Ginger had already made a scene with her tears; it wouldn't do for their other captain to have a nervous breakdown in the middle of a match.

He was nearing the hoops again, almost a quarter of the way, when he passed it to a nearby team-mate. "Catch it!" he couldn't help but yell. He really did not want to see it get intercepted again, but he wasn't of the right mind to make an attempt at the goal.

  • No refunds, no exchangesJozua, Beater, Fri Dec 15 17:57
    Jozua got a slow start off the pitch ground for the last game of the season. Things with Lily since That Potions Class had been a bit weird, not bad exactly, they were both trying to pretend he had... more
    • Then I'll take what I can get. — Capt Jack, Teppad, Chaser, Tue Dec 19 16:22
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