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Ginger Pierce
I'm off to join the circus!
Mon Jan 8, 2018 21:20

The Teppenpaw Seventh Year Girls' room was looking like a barren shadow of itself with most of the decorations taken down and all of their things packed up and ready to go home tomorrow. Ginger was more than a little relieved that she was ending her Sonora years with the Bonfire because she probably would have had to cry herself to sleep in the shell of what had, until now, been their home of seven years. The tents tonight were better, a nice clean transition, even, since Ginger regularly slept in muggle tents at home. These were at least magical tents, so it was a more gradual step down from what she normally encountered upon her return from school.

She'd spent the first hour sampling some of the vegetarian options of the barbecue (she herself wasn't strictly vegan like many of her family but she'd been cutting back on the meat and dairy over the last few weeks, so she wouldn't miss it so much once she returned home) and watching the circus performers. When Deputy Headmistress Skies called their attention, Ginger was pleased to hear it was her house that had won the House Cup, and she cheered loudly as Professor Xavier and the prefects went to collect the trophy.

Ginger joined the rest of her Housemates in going 'backstage' - in as much as the Bonfire had one - to get circus lessons. She figured she had a step up in that respect over all of her fellow Teppenpaws but Raine. She gave Lauren a grin and a thumbs up as she saw her roommate trying out a unicycle, but she headed over for the jugglers. It wasn't that she was trying to show off, but, well, she was good at juggling and she didn't often have the chance to use that skill at Sonora.

"I'm a California Pierce," she told the circus performer with the juggling clubs, grinning in eager anticipation. "Challenge me. My name's Ginger." The Matriarch's daughter, she didn't say, but suspected they might know that already.

California Pierce or not, he started her on a basic two-person club rotation, but as she proved she could handle that, he mixed it up and threw in more and more difficult tricks. Ginger dropped a couple of the more difficult passes, but she caught most of them, and after a few tries, she usually picked up the tricks she didn't already recognize from the Renaissance Faire circuit.

"Wanna try fire?" the juggler asked after a while, and Ginger had gotten down the new passes he had to teach. His eyes twinkled with mischief, and Ginger was pretty sure he probably wasn't supposed to be offering that, but she was a California Pierce, and she had juggled fire before, so surely exceptions could be made, right? After all, it was the Bonfire. Fire was the theme of the day.

"Sure," she agreed.

He lit six torches and the two of them juggled them back and forth between them, keeping now to the simplest and safest of passes. But they were juggling fire so the term 'safest' was relative at best. Ginger bit her lip in concentration and felt sweat beading on her forehead as pass after pass completed just exactly right. Then, on the eighth catch, she was just a little off; she caught it, but her grip was wrong. She dropped it into the pail of water beside her instead of trying to pass it on. The circus juggler, of course, saw what was happening, and dunked his into his pail as well as if they had planned it, and they each caught the remaining four as they arrived and took showy fiery bows to anyone watching, both seasoned enough performers to adjust their bows to mimic each other as if they'd rehearsed it all before, then finally dousing the flames of the last two torches.

"Nice, thank you," Ginger thanked him, shaking his hand. "That was fun."

"Thank you for not trying to throw with that grip," he grinned back.

"No, no," she assured, smiling back, "I've only got a few hours left at Sonora, I didn't want to get expelled for burning a school guest before I officially graduate." He laughed merrily and went on to help another Teppenpaw learn to juggle. Ginger headed back over to where she'd seen Lauren trying to ride a unicycle, hoping to see if her roommate had made any progress or moved on to something else in the meantime.

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