Jasmine Delachene
A good bonfire so far
Tue Jan 9, 2018 10:20

Jasmine was willing to give the bonfire the benefit of the doubt. Mom said it was the least interesting of the midsummer events, but Jasmine was still a first year and had no other midsummer events to compare it to, so maybe that would give it a boost, it being her first one.

While sleeping in a tent maybe wouldn’t top her list of Must Do activities, she wasn’t entirely against it, especially since she had been assured they were magical tents, so that barely even counted as roughing it. Plus, Jasmine had always enjoyed sitting out on the range, singing and telling stories around a campfire, and toasting marshmallows, so it couldn’t be too bad, right? A bonfire was just like a really big campfire, wasn’t it?

A really really big campfire, she saw when she got outside that day, wearing her cowboy boots and her best designer cowgirl chic outfit that she wouldn’t actually wear out to be the real cowgirl she was, but would look good out in a semi outdoorsy setting like this which didn’t involve horse poop. She even had a pink cowgirl hat on to complete the look. That it also shaded her face and eyes from the summer sun was a lucky bonus she hadn’t really considered when she put it on, but was grateful for now that she was out here.

She munched on some barbecue food, and watched the circus folks, and was disappointed Crotalus didn’t win the House Cup (though not too surprised since they had been ahead of only Aladren the last time she checked the totals kept by that arithmancy portrait guy, whassisname, Minns or Tims or whatever).

She took advantage of the thinning crowds as the Teppenpaws got to go for special circus training by going get more food while the lines were shorter. Shorter, but not completely gone. She found herself standing behind someone she knew as they waited their turn to get to the food tables, “Hi! Are you having a good bonfire so far?”

  • Bonfire!Headmaster Brockert, Sat Dec 30 16:12
    Today was the Midsummer Event. This year they were having the bonfire and...well, that was about the extent of it. The festivities this year more or less included a barbecue-though there was food... more
    • Time to say goodbye(Tag Sammy)Kira Spaulding, Mon Jan 15 19:00
      As happy as Kira was that Kelsey was graduating-it would be nice to have one year where she wasn't going to have to worry that her cousin's mere presence would alert others to her own flaws-it also... more
      • Don't worry, we've got a little time first!Sammy Meeks, Tue Jan 16 19:43
        The first thing Sammy did when she arrived on the Pitch was ditch her sneakers and stuff her socks in her backpack. She wiggled her toes against the grass and grinned. Did the bare feet go with her... more
    • Waiting for poetryDorian Montoir, Sat Jan 13 11:17
      Dorian was rather looking forward to the fire. It sounded like quite a lot of fun, and they got to camp out and share tents with people who weren’t their room-mates - though he had no objections to... more
      • Firebird of old, give us your apples of gold.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Jan 18 19:53
        Midsummer and Bonfire were new words for Tatiana, but she recognized parts of them – particularly summer , and mid , that was the first part of the word middle ; noticing these little things was much ... more
        • Ah. It was Tatya. Dorian had been ready to squirrel the book away into his pocket, far too used to his things being snatched by his brother for a game of keep-away. He had not had any such... more
          • Having both makes one happy and bold.Tatiana, Mon Jan 22 16:08
            Tatiana leaned forward to hear as Dorian whispered about his great ‘secret.’ Upon the revelation, she stood back, covering her mouth with her hand in mock surprise. “Never tell,” she said, just as... more
            • Dorian smiled as Tatya agreed to keep his secret. She hugged him back, which reassured him both in the sense that his hug was clearly not unwelcome, and also because it was always nice to be held. He ... more
    • Can you handle this?Georgia, Fri Jan 12 07:05
      The fire was going… strangely well. Midsummer events kind of had this way of being really stressful for her somehow. The fair, she’d done her best to get involved but had been in a super Aladren-y... more
      • Relaxing? Yes. Maybe I ought to do it more.Zevalyn, Tue Jan 16 11:21
        Zevalyn was have a good bonfire. Aladren hadn’t won the House Cup, but she had already resigned herself to that after seeing how far behind they had in Professor Mims’ count all year. Last she’d... more
        • Cool. Maybe we should do it together moreGeorgia, Tue Jan 16 13:12
          “Cool. Good choice of snack too,” Georgia grinned, when she saw that Zevalyn had also brought marshmallows over. She was glad Zevalyn seemed happy and chilled. Her life seemed to have been completely ... more
          • Works for meZevalyn, Tue Jan 16 21:11
            Zevalyn grinned, and saluted Georgia with her marshmallow-on-a-stick, as it was complimented. Then, as Georgia stumbled through answering Zevalyn's cascade of questions, her eyes widened a bit in... more
    • A very important question (tag Jemima)Owen Brockert, Thu Jan 11 16:34
      Owen felt anxious as he stood on the pitch. More anxious than he really ever had, even more than he had about RATS or all the changes inherent with graduating and impending adulthood. This was, after ... more
      • This is a lot like last timeJemima Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jan 13 10:08
        Jemima felt strangely light and carefree as she made her way down to the bonfire, hand in hand with Owen. They’d got through the exams - she hadn’t really expected not to - and they had a reasonable... more
        • Yeah, last time.Owen, Sun Jan 21 00:32
          He waited with baited breath. Even though it was probably a split second before Jemima replied, when it was something that was this big a deal, it still seemed to take forever. “Of course I want to... more
    • End of an Era (tag Parker)Cleo James, Thu Jan 11 12:30
      Cleo hung back from the fire. She hadn’t massively been looking forward to it… Fire wasn’t really fun or warming to her, it was just a little intimidating, given her incendiary tendencies with... more
      • The beginning of a new one!Parker Fitzgerald, Tue Jan 30 13:24
        Parker had always loved fire. The warmth, the crackle, the way that it would slowly turn branches or paper into smoke that would rise up. He also found it shockingly peaceful. When he was home for... more
    • Later that evening...Winston Pierce, Wed Jan 10 15:06
      It had been hours since Teppenpaw had been announced as the winners of the House Cup. Winston had already eaten his fire roasted dinner - he would had preferred having a table to eat it on, but it... more
      • ...I'm to have some new experiences, apparently.Simon Mordue, Thu Jan 11 18:53
        Another year was gone, or near enough. A peaceful year, relatively speaking – something that Simon was not displeased about. He could have wished for Crotalus to lose the House Cup by a slightly... more
        • You and me bothWinston, Thu Jan 11 21:21
          "Oh, good," Winston breathed out when he had finished savoring and swallowing his toasted marshmallow. He did enjoy eating those, even if they were impossibly messy sometimes. "I was thinking that,... more
    • A good bonfire so far — Jasmine Delachene, Tue Jan 9 10:20
      • What could make it better?Gary Harper, Wed Jan 10 16:34
        Gary strolled out to the bonfire with a mixture of interest and trepidation. He'd never been much of an outdoors type person in practice, although he'd had plenty of practice in theory and... more
        • Horses. Horses would make it much better.Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 11:09
          Jasmine beamed as Gary complimented her outfit (or at least, she chose to take it as a compliment; he’d mentioned it anyway, and not in a bad way, so that must mean he liked it). “Not exactly,” she... more
          • Is there anything they wouldn't improve?Gary, Thu Jan 11 20:02
            Gary had started moving food from the table onto his plate as the line moved on its way. With his attention split between listening to Jasmine and the table, he wasn't sure he had caught her... more
            • No, no there isn't.Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 21:06
              "Sure," Jasmine responded, as if living on a ranch with pegasi were the most normal thing in the world. To her, it was. She did know, however, that most people did not, but that was their loss. The... more
              • What about potions class?Gary, Thu Jan 18 20:20
                Gary just shook his head in disbelief as she talked about her horses. "As big as elephants? That's incredible. What kind of wingspan do they have? To get enough lift for that kind of weight... That's ... more
                • Jasmine was dutifully trying to remember the measure of Flossie’s wingspan when Gary, instead of politely waiting for her to provide the requested statistic, kept asking questions, each one... more
    • House Cup WinnersDH Skies, Sat Jan 6 17:19
      After the bonfire had been in swing for about an hour - giving everyone time to chat to their friends and grab some food - Professor Skies took to the podium. She placed the sonorous charm on her... more
      • Trying something nonlethalJozua Sparks, Tue Jan 16 10:18
        Jozua was pleased that his House won the Cup, but he wasn’t entirely convinced that learning to do circus things was really a great reward for it. To Jozua, that sounded like something that would... more
        • I guess that's for the bestKir McLeod, Tue Jan 16 15:04
          Kir was sort of excited for the bonfire. After all, who didn’t love a good fire? His dad and his aunt didn’t often reminisce about many things from their childhood - unsurprising given their eventual ... more
          • Yeah. Sparks burn.Jozua Sparks, Tue Jan 16 20:43
            Jozua honestly wasn't paying much attention to the people around him. He was pretty focused on the cursed green hoop that keep wanting to run away from him. So when someone close by asked, "How the... more
            • “Yeah, she is,” Kyte nodded, when Jozua pointed out that Raine was was really…. In spite of the sentence not ending with any discernible adjective, he definitely agreed. “I wish the Aladren girls... more
              • Really, let’s not spark anything hereJozua, Wed Jan 17 13:10
                Jozua gave Kir an odd look, momentarily confused about whether Kir meant the House Aladren or the town Aladren, but deciding that he must mean the House Aladren because Kir probably didn’t know any... more
                • Kir was tempted for a moment to ask which Pecari Jozua specifically wanted there, but he didn’t necessarily think that was a fair question given how little he knew the other boy. He also wasn’t... more
                  • Hey! That’s harsh!Jozua, Thu Jan 18 09:08
                    Jozua stared at Kir, confused and taken aback. “I thought- You weren’t? I - Oh.“ Okay. He must have totally misread the other boy’s question and consequently overreacted in entirely the wrong way for ... more
                    • So are youKir, Thu Jan 18 17:37
                      Kir waited patiently for Jozua to form his thoughts into sentences. Overall, Jozua seemed to be calming down, which was probably a good thing, as Kir had suddenly remembered that the other boy ran... more
                      • You underestimate my level of freakabilityJozua, Thu Jan 18 20:52
                        Oh, good. Not hitting on him. That was good. Very good. It would make the next three years very awkward otherwise. Then Kir kept talking and Jozua began to suspect Kir might be making assumptions of... more
      • A familiar faceRaine Collindale, Mon Jan 8 04:05
        She was still alive. And the CATS were over. Professor Xavier had helped her believe that all was not lost, and she had gone into a couple of the exams with a clearer head than others, but she still... more
        • A familiar face and an unfamiliar face.Joe Umland, Thu Jan 11 14:31
          Someone had given Julian a dictation quill. Joe had not done it, had not spoken to anyone who had owned to doing so, but he felt utterly comfortable asserting that it had been done. Joe! Tell any of... more
          • Any familiar feelings?Raine and Starr, Sat Jan 13 14:42
            “Nice to meet you,” Starr smiled, flicking a sideways five against Joe’s outstretched hand and then going in for a fistbump. “I’m sure Raine must’ve told me something about you, but I’m much better... more
            • Joe considered Starr’s statement and concluded that Raine had most likely never mentioned him to her family in her life. This did not offend him - indeed, it would have surprised him more if she had. ... more
      • Trying a balancing actLauren Song, Sat Jan 6 20:13
        It felt a little too sad admitting that Lauren had spent the last day of final exams crying in her room. She was way more sentimental than she thought. Taking down the decorations in her room almost... more
        • I'm off to join the circus!Ginger Pierce, Mon Jan 8 21:20
          The Teppenpaw Seventh Year Girls' room was looking like a barren shadow of itself with most of the decorations taken down and all of their things packed up and ready to go home tomorrow. Ginger was... more
          • Goodbye, world as we know it!Lauren, Tue Jan 9 18:14
            Lauren waved as Ginger passed, but she quickly focused on balancing again. Her arms were out, one holding onto the performer and the other flailing in an attempt to stay upright. "Moving might help," ... more
            • I may need to switch to a broom to make my escape!Ginger Pierce, Thu Jan 11 08:49
              “Look at you!” Ginger enthused in delight as she saw Lauren unicycling over to her. “Wow! You learned that fast!” She grinned, feeling pretty pleased that Lauren had seen at least some of her... more
    • All by myselfAngelique Brockert, Wed Jan 3 15:32
      Despite the fact that the choir was performing, Angelique was absolutely dreading the Bonfire. For one thing, she was not the sort who liked sleeping in a tent. More importantly though, she had... more
      • Not anymore Ben Pierce, Wed Jan 10 12:06
        Ben was really glad his CATS were over. After three years of hearing about them in the majority of his classes almost every day, especially after midterm, he didn’t think the tests had really been as ... more
    • On a hunt [Tag Vlad]Jehan Callahan, Tue Jan 2 11:19
      Jehan had been very excited about the idea of a bonfire. Sure, he’d had bonfires at home, mostly in the course of helping their gardener. Those had been fun, especially when Victor had joined in.... more
      • Ooh, fun!Vladimir Brockert, Wed Jan 17 18:23
        Vlad really liked camping. Sometimes he went camping with Dad and some of his uncles and cousins, and that was really fun. It was just the boys that went, which he didn’t really get because he was... more
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