Goodbye, world as we know it!
Tue Jan 9, 2018 18:14

Lauren waved as Ginger passed, but she quickly focused on balancing again. Her arms were out, one holding onto the performer and the other flailing in an attempt to stay upright.

"Moving might help," he said, sounding amused, and she slowly started to cycle. "I've got you, don't worry." He was strong and Lauren felt a little braver as she pressed on. Once she found her balance, it actually wasn't that hard. Soon she let go of the performer and he released her. She was doing it on her own! Lauren laughed and looked over where Ginger was. Her roommate was had started juggling and Lauren was pretty impressed.

She felt wobbly turning, but holding her arms out helped and Lauren couldn't stop smiling. This was so cool. She looked out to see if she could spot her brother in the crowd, but no luck. Lauren did another few turns and then hopped off the unicycle. "How do I get on it by myself?" she asked.

"You either get a kick-off start or you can mount it while holding onto a wall. Since you're just beginning, it'll be easier to use the wall. For now you can just hold onto me." The performer held out his arm again and Lauren used it to get herself on and cycle once again. Joining the circus didn't seem so terrible, except that she wasn't the biggest fan of being on stage and having everyone stare at her. She looked back over at Ginger who was doing some crazier stuff and Lauren watched her while she cycled in big circles.

"Whoa! Go Ginger!" she exclaimed as her roommate started juggling fire.

When Ginger extinguished her flame and headed over to her, Lauren cycled towards her to meet her halfway. "That was so cool!" she gushed as she hopped off the unicycle. "I didn't know you could juggle that well! That was awesome. I think you're the only person I know who can juggle like that. And now I'm the only person I know who can unicycle." Lauren smiled proudly. "It's so fun. I'm going to have to see if my mom will buy me one when I get back. Do you want to try it out?"

  • I'm off to join the circus!Ginger Pierce, Mon Jan 8 21:20
    The Teppenpaw Seventh Year Girls' room was looking like a barren shadow of itself with most of the decorations taken down and all of their things packed up and ready to go home tomorrow. Ginger was... more
    • Goodbye, world as we know it! — Lauren, Tue Jan 9 18:14
      • I may need to switch to a broom to make my escape!Ginger Pierce, Thu Jan 11 08:49
        “Look at you!” Ginger enthused in delight as she saw Lauren unicycling over to her. “Wow! You learned that fast!” She grinned, feeling pretty pleased that Lauren had seen at least some of her... more
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