Ben Pierce
Not anymore
Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:06

Ben was really glad his CATS were over. After three years of hearing about them in the majority of his classes almost every day, especially after midterm, he didn’t think the tests had really been as horrible as everyone made them out to be. Of course, he’d been doing his best to understand and condense the material from every subject down into its easiest to digest morsels for the better part of two years, trying to help Kyte pass, so that might have had something to do with his own fine showing, because translating from text-book speak to Kyte-speak was kind of like, um, well you had to think about it pretty hard.

At any rate, he was pleased with how he’d done, and when the grades came hime by owl this summer, he was pretty sure even Mom would be proud of him. He didn’t want to jinx it by saying so out loud, but he thought there might even be a couple Os.

He just hoped he’d done a good enough job of pounding information into Kyte’s head that his roommate managed a couple As, just enough to pass up into sixth year with Ben.

But just this very minute, Ben didn’t really need to be hanging out with Kyte. Kyte was probably catching up with his circus family anyway (who Ben had already met a good chunk of last summer so Kyte shouldn’t need to make any introductions to him), and Ben would see him later as they’d presumably have a tent together. Tess was also hanging out with her other friends, leaving Ben a bit at loose ends.

As he wandered about, he saw he wasn’t the only one with this problem, and he fell into step beside Angelique Brockert, who he recognized from her being in the grade as himself, but with being in different houses and different clubs, they’d never really connected much. “Hi,” he greeted cheerfully, his steps light and bouncy with the weight of the CATS so recently lifted from him. “It’s a great day, isn’t it?” he enthused. “Beautiful weather, CATS are over, there’s people juggling fire, and your choir will be singing later, right? You sounded really good at the concert last year! Oh! You’re not not mentally preparing for that, are you? Am I interrupting?”

  • All by myselfAngelique Brockert, Wed Jan 3 15:32
    Despite the fact that the choir was performing, Angelique was absolutely dreading the Bonfire. For one thing, she was not the sort who liked sleeping in a tent. More importantly though, she had... more
    • Not anymore — Ben Pierce, Wed Jan 10 12:06
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