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Ginger Pierce
I may need to switch to a broom to make my escape!
Thu Jan 11, 2018 08:49

“Look at you!” Ginger enthused in delight as she saw Lauren unicycling over to her. “Wow! You learned that fast!” She grinned, feeling pretty pleased that Lauren had seen at least some of her juggling even as she’d been learning to ride the unicycle. “Come to my Rennfaire sometime,” she encourage, not for the first time, “We’ll have you juggling, too, in no time.” She grinned teasingly, “Probably not with fire, though.”

She considered the unicycle doubtfully. Unlike juggling, that was something she hadn’t really ever done before. One of her cousins had a special one for using on a tight rope, but she’d never used that either. “Well, you never gain anything by not trying,” she declared philosophically. “You can give me tips from one beginner to another.”

She leaned in closer and whispered with a smile, “And your teacher’s not too bad on the eyes, either, is he?” He was no Jake, but for a fun afternoon of flirting that would likely never go anywhere, there were certainly worse options.

Aloud, and directed at Lauren’s unicycle teacher, she asked, “Is there another one, so we can go at the same time?”

“Sure,” he confirmed, pointing over to a small collection of them. “Right over there. Bring one over.”

She did and he helped her up onto it and she wobbled like a newborn giraffe trying to stand for the first time. “Whoa!” she gasped, flailing her arms about trying to stay upright, but needing the circus guy to grab her to keep from toppling over. “You’ve got good balance, Lauren!”

  • Goodbye, world as we know it!Lauren, Tue Jan 9 18:14
    Lauren waved as Ginger passed, but she quickly focused on balancing again. Her arms were out, one holding onto the performer and the other flailing in an attempt to stay upright. "Moving might help," ... more
    • I may need to switch to a broom to make my escape! — Ginger Pierce, Thu Jan 11 08:49
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