Horses. Horses would make it much better.
Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:09

Jasmine beamed as Gary complimented her outfit (or at least, she chose to take it as a compliment; he’d mentioned it anyway, and not in a bad way, so that must mean he liked it). “Not exactly,” she admitted to his question about whether she’d done this sort of thing before. She must at least look competent if he asked, so she was taking that as a compliment, too.

“I mean, my family owns a flying horse ranch in California, so we sometimes have late nights out on the range with a campfire and songs and stories - my sister calls those our Old West Nights, she loves them! - but the fire is usually a lot smaller and there are winged horses about instead of circus performers.” She smiled in fond memory of her horses. She couldn’t wait to go home tomorrow and see them again! It had been so long since she was last in a saddle. “We do stay overnight in a magical tent though.”

Jasmine wasn’t entirely convinced such nocturnal excursions were strictly necessary from a horse raising perspective, but Mom insisted that was what happened on horse ranch television shows, and they were going to get horse ranching right, and do it like the TV said, so they did. It was fun, anyway, and a good family time with all five of them, plus the horses, so nobody was complaining that it didn’t exactly serve any practical purpose. And their magical tent was comfortable enough that as long as it was only one night at a time, Jasmine didn’t even miss her regular bed that much. Mom was at least as much a princess as Jasmine herself, so there was no real chance of needing to actually rough it anywhere.

“I’m guessing there weren’t too many circus performers at your ill fated outdoor fire and tents experience either?” she guessed, smiling.

  • What could make it better?Gary Harper, Wed Jan 10 16:34
    Gary strolled out to the bonfire with a mixture of interest and trepidation. He'd never been much of an outdoors type person in practice, although he'd had plenty of practice in theory and... more
    • Horses. Horses would make it much better. — Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 11:09
      • Is there anything they wouldn't improve?Gary, Thu Jan 11 20:02
        Gary had started moving food from the table onto his plate as the line moved on its way. With his attention split between listening to Jasmine and the table, he wasn't sure he had caught her... more
        • No, no there isn't.Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 21:06
          "Sure," Jasmine responded, as if living on a ranch with pegasi were the most normal thing in the world. To her, it was. She did know, however, that most people did not, but that was their loss. The... more
          • What about potions class?Gary, Thu Jan 18 20:20
            Gary just shook his head in disbelief as she talked about her horses. "As big as elephants? That's incredible. What kind of wingspan do they have? To get enough lift for that kind of weight... That's ... more
            • Jasmine was dutifully trying to remember the measure of Flossie’s wingspan when Gary, instead of politely waiting for her to provide the requested statistic, kept asking questions, each one... more
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