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Simon Mordue
...I'm to have some new experiences, apparently.
Thu Jan 11, 2018 18:53

Another year was gone, or near enough. A peaceful year, relatively speaking – something that Simon was not displeased about. He could have wished for Crotalus to lose the House Cup by a slightly smaller margin, but after last year and with the prospect of next year, he was prepared to accept even the slightly embarrassing situation that stood.

Next year…well, for him, in many ways, nothing would change. Intermediates was a three-year class, so he would still be in the same rooms and with more of the same people than not, just as one of the people in the middle of the group instead of one of the people at the bottom of same. Lessons would involve some new considerations, as fourth years often had their own choice of assignments, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. No, the reason that next year was a bit of an intimidating prospect, and why he was glad that this year had been peaceful so far, was nothing to do with Simon himself. It was to do with his little sister and the less little of his two little cousins, both of whom were due to present themselves at school.

Simon loved his sister, of course – Sylvia was lovely and dear and everyone adored her. He also loved Nathaniel, he supposed, as he was obliged to do so – they all pretended that Nathaniel’s father was dead now, more or less, but when he had still existed, he had been Father’s brother and that was important, especially since Simon had no brothers of his own. Nathaniel was also a perfectly pleasant person most of the time. He could not, however, say he was happy about the prospect of them being here. For one thing, Nathaniel being around might remind people of the scandal when Uncle Nicky left the family, which could not help Simon socially, and plus…Sonora was his place. He didn’t have to worry about setting a perfect example, he didn’t have to feel perpetually slightly jealous of the bond between those two and how he was always a bit left out – none of that. Now, though, it would be Sylvia’s, as everything – everything, anyway, except being next in line after Father – was Sylvia’s if she wanted it, and in no time at all, everyone would look at him and simply see “Sylvia Mordue’s brother.” And he’d have to look out for her more than ever, too, with boys who weren’t their cousins around – except he’d leave school just when most of them were starting to consider courtships, and that would be dreadful, he’d have to worry about her all the time….

All things considered, it would be better if Sylvia and Nathaniel just stayed at home, but they weren’t going to and that was that and he knew he ought to get on with it. Unfortunately, since Crotalus had lost the House cup, there wasn’t much for him to do except wander around. So he did that. Seeing Winston, he went to join his roommate and was mildly surprised for a moment to be handed a stick until he realized – marshmallows. This was one of those things he thought he must have heard about somewhere, but never done. It looked simple enough….

That his presence was considered desirable was not entirely an unwelcome revelation, and he nodded as he speared a marshmallow on the stick. “I was assuming we all would,” he said, gesturing vaguely to include Victor in this summation even though Victor wasn’t immediately in evidence. “But there’s us, anyway. Is it a rule saying four instead of three, or just a suggestion?” He hoped it was not a rule, but supposed the three of them would more than leave him on the right side of any remotely reasonable number. “And have you ever slept in a tent before?” he added as an afterthought. He, personally, had not, but was imagining something similar to Sylvia and Nathaniel’s treehouse, only less…solid.

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    • ...I'm to have some new experiences, apparently. — Simon Mordue, Thu Jan 11 18:53
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