Is there anything they wouldn't improve?
Thu Jan 11, 2018 20:02

Gary had started moving food from the table onto his plate as the line moved on its way. With his attention split between listening to Jasmine and the table, he wasn't sure he had caught her statement quite right. "You live on a ranch filled with Pegasi?" He stared for a moment in awe. Naturally he'd read about them a little in the library while he was comparing real magical creatures to their fictional counterparts as presented in his monster manuals and bestiaries. He had been, and still was contemplating compiling his own version of just such a manual. The books that he'd encountered so far about creatures had been either scattered and seemingly random or extremely verbose and dull. If he could distill the essence of each of the creatures down into a condensed stat block while a paragraph or two of text, it would greatly enhance his studies in Care of Magical Creatures. Also, once he had that he could...

Suddenly he realized his mind had started drifting again, and Jasmine was just standing there. He shook his head quick to clear it and grinned. "Sorry about that. What's it like living on a ranch like that? It must be amazing. I live on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs." He thought for a moment, recalling that rainy weekend again. "No, but Dad did have some not very nice things to say about the clowns they had predicting the weather for that weekend as we watched the tent float away."

  • Horses. Horses would make it much better.Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 11:09
    Jasmine beamed as Gary complimented her outfit (or at least, she chose to take it as a compliment; he’d mentioned it anyway, and not in a bad way, so that must mean he liked it). “Not exactly,” she... more
    • Is there anything they wouldn't improve? — Gary, Thu Jan 11 20:02
      • No, no there isn't.Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 21:06
        "Sure," Jasmine responded, as if living on a ranch with pegasi were the most normal thing in the world. To her, it was. She did know, however, that most people did not, but that was their loss. The... more
        • What about potions class?Gary, Thu Jan 18 20:20
          Gary just shook his head in disbelief as she talked about her horses. "As big as elephants? That's incredible. What kind of wingspan do they have? To get enough lift for that kind of weight... That's ... more
          • Jasmine was dutifully trying to remember the measure of Flossie’s wingspan when Gary, instead of politely waiting for her to provide the requested statistic, kept asking questions, each one... more
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