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No, no there isn't.
Thu Jan 11, 2018 21:06

"Sure," Jasmine responded, as if living on a ranch with pegasi were the most normal thing in the world. To her, it was. She did know, however, that most people did not, but that was their loss. The world, she though, would be a much nicer place if everyone on it had a flying horse. Or any horse, really. Mom had done well enough with just a normal white mare when she was young, and really, nobody could go wrong with a unicorn about.

She gave Gary a look of horrified disbelief as he off-handedly mentioned that his previous tenting experience had involved enough rain that it floated his tent away. "Seriously?" she asked incredulous. She'd seen some rainy days here at Sonora to boggled her mind, but for a tent to just up and float away . . . "Wow. I mean, I live in an actual desert - not like Sonora here which is technically in one, but magically has the climate of Ireland - so I know my idea of a lot of rain is different than most people's, but, wow."

"But yeah, the ranch is great," she enthused as she picked up a plate and began piling it with some tasty looking samples, not taking very much of any one thing, but getting a wide variety of the different options available. "Like I said, it's desert territory, so it's pretty dry and brown, but there's lots of space and not any neighbors close by, so we can fly pretty freely without worrying about muggles seeing us. Which is important, because nobody's going to miss a flying elephant, which is about as big as our Abraxans can get, and they need a lot of exercise."

  • Is there anything they wouldn't improve?Gary, Thu Jan 11 20:02
    Gary had started moving food from the table onto his plate as the line moved on its way. With his attention split between listening to Jasmine and the table, he wasn't sure he had caught her... more
    • No, no there isn't. — Jasmine, Thu Jan 11 21:06
      • What about potions class?Gary, Thu Jan 18 20:20
        Gary just shook his head in disbelief as she talked about her horses. "As big as elephants? That's incredible. What kind of wingspan do they have? To get enough lift for that kind of weight... That's ... more
        • Jasmine was dutifully trying to remember the measure of Flossie’s wingspan when Gary, instead of politely waiting for her to provide the requested statistic, kept asking questions, each one... more
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